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Greetings everyone,

The minions of hell grow stronger and are looking for a fight! We are scheduling to reset the Diablo II ladder on Friday, June 5th at 5:00PM PT!

Get ready! Be prepared! Get to the top of the ladder! See you in a few weeks for the latest ladder reset!


Diablo Community Team



Basic Tips



Early Runewords - Priorities given to Sorcs KEEP BROADSWORDS FOR LARZ SOCKET


Staff Leaf ( Fire sorc ) - Tir Ral

Body Armor Stealth ( FCR )  - Tal Eth

Helmet Lore ( +1 Skills ) - Ort Sol

Spirit Broad(norm) Sword ( + Skills/FCR ) - Tal Thul Ort Amn

Shield Ancient Pledge ( Res ) - Ral Ort Tal




  • Begin Act 1 - Den
  • Buy Lots of Pots 
  • Run to Tree
  • Team returns to do Countess other then 1 Sorc 1 Assasin
  • Sorc/Assasin rescue Cain, complete Tristram, Obtain Wirt's Leg
  • Team should be at countess, Sorc/Sin leave game and make a NG
  • Begin Countess Sorc/Sin
  • Team Continues to Andy while Sorc/Sin complete Countess Games
  • Return to Team Sorc/Sin Once Team has Catacombs
  • Stealth "Tal/Eth" immediately go to the Tele Sorc > Elemental Sorcs > Trapper 
  • Begin Act 2
  • Split up and begin Magot Lair / Dry Hills
  • Obtain Amulet
  • 2 Strongest Chars to Arcane / Rest Ancient Tunnel
  • Return once Sorcs have reached Summoner
  • Complete Act 2
  • Begin Act 3
  • Begin Walk through Spider Forest, stop to attack when necessary
  • 2 Characters complete Spider Cavern, Team continues to next Organ, Repeat
  • Complete Ruined Temple, Tele Sorc continue to Trav
  • Complete Act 3
  • Begin Act 4
  • Tele Sorc to River WP / Team to Izual
  • Get Izzy Q
  • Kill Diablo
  • Act 5 - Shenk Sorc Tele
  • Sorc Tele to Rescue Barbs
  • Collect Runes, Make Runewords
  • Sorc Continues Tele to Anya / Ancients / Worldstone WP / Throne
  • After Last Wave NOT BAAL completion, immediately make cows then NG
  • Complete Baal/Cows
  • Tele Sorc begins NM Team Continues Baal Runs
  • Once Tele Sorc has reached Andy, Team goes to Sorc Game and completes Act 1 NM
  • Sorc Begins Act 2, Team continues Normal Baal
  • Team Returns once Sorc has reached Amulet (Already Obtained Cube/Staff)



  •  Team continues with Tele Sorc in NM from Act 2
  • Complete Act 2
  •  Make Spirit Sword for Tele Sorc
  • Tele Sorc continues NM Act 3, Team returns to Norm Cow/Baal - 3 Games 
  • Tele Sorc Obtains Act 3 Parts for Trav
  • Team returns to Act 3 NM once Tele Sorc has Reached Trav
  • Complete Act 3
  • One Sorc Tele to River WP
  • One Sorc to Izual, take this opportunity to respec your character as desired
  • complete Izual as group
  • Chaos Time
  • Act 5
  • Sorcs Begin to Share tele job. Drop TP when low on mana > town, next sorc jumps in and continues. Rinse Repeat Until Ancients
  • Get to Throne Room
  • Complete Throne Room and have designated Static sorc remain for Baal.
  • Leave game, and rejoin, complete Baal
  • Tele Sorc Begins Hell to Andy
  • Team runs another NM Baal run to Wave 5 Completion, Leave throne room and begin Chaos
  • Join Sorc in Hell for Act 1 Completion




  • Tele Sorc Begins Act 2 to Staff Solo
  • Team continues NM Baal Runs
  • Team Returns once Sorc has reached Amulet (Already Obtained Cube/Staff)
  • Team Ancient Tunnels, Sorcs to Summoner
  • Complete Act 2 as group
  • Tele Sorc continues Act 3 Hell Solo to Trav
  • Team continues NM Baal Runs
  • Team Returns - Complete Act 3
  • Tele Sorc to River WP
  • Sorc Tele to Izual 
  • Chaos
  • Complete Diablo, Team makes NG and does another Hell Chaos
  • Sorc continues Act 5 until Ancients. Can go Anya too if it works out quicker 
  • Team Returns at Ancients/Anya
  • Complete Act 5
  • Win




World Record Team - 2 Hours 10 Minutes


1. Tele / Static Sorc

2. Cold Sorc

3. Fire Sorc

4. Trap Sin Light

5. Trap Sin Light

6. Conviction Pally

7. BO Barb

8. Oak Druid


Other Ideal Team composition(s)


1. Fire Sorc

2. Blizz / Backup Tele

3. Tele / Static

4. Conviction Pally

5. Salvation Pally

6. BO Barb

7. Necro Summon

8. Oak Druid or Light Sin


1. Cold Sorc

2. Tele / Static

3. Charged Strike Zon (Boss Killer)

4. Necro Summon / Amp

5. Conviction Pally

6. BO Barb

7. Oak Druid

8. Light Sin


1. Fire Sorc

2. Cold Sorc

3. Tele/Static Sorc

4. Charged Strike (Boss Killer)

5. Summon Necro / Lower Resist

6. Hammerdin

7. Conviction Pally

8. BO Barb



World Record Video - Cold Sorc Perspective...you can find the other ones if you snoop around





On an Assasin



solo druid



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Looking good there Kevin!  I posted it on the FB and will put something on the D2 channel announcement bot.

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Just wanna bump this for people who were curious on ideal grouping for speed running reset

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13 hours ago, Rob Wairegi said:

Id like to sign up for


Charged strike/lf 


Hi there Rob, did you need to be recruited to the Clan?  I don't find a hidden_g(OD) in the member roles.  If so, just let one of us know.  We'd love to have more members!

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