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Hey Everyone,


You Wanna Take a Break on the game that you have been spending Hourss and Hours and hours on??!!


Well We have a Awesome Game For You To Try & @Atrayas(OD) Is Awesome at the game and Will help you Learn it..


Its A Awesome and Fun Game ❤️ 


&& its Called 7 DAYS TO DIE ❤️ 

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Best thing about 7 Days to Die is the replay ability.  You can go some very different routes in the beginning to determine how you will get through the game.  Some games I am a straight scavenger for the first 100 levels, others I focus on mining and building while others I focus on finding other players and raid there bases for loot.  I also enjoy the building in the game, so much versatility to be as creative as you want to be.  Start with a hole in the ground or a simple box as your base and end up with a massive compound, tower, castle or whatever you can think of.

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