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Hardcore Ladder Reset Team!


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Well met, noble champion. I'm not surprised to see your kind around here. 


No doubt you've heard about the tragedy that befell Tristram. Some say that Diablo, the Lord of Terror, walks the world again. I dont' know if I believe that, but a Dark Wanderer has been travelling around different lands.


Maybe it's nothing, but evil seems to have trailed in his wake. You see, wherever the Wanderer went, strange, dangerous creatures would appear.


To defeat the monstrosities outside the camps, we must be willing to place our lives on the line. Do you, hero, wish to slay Diablo and his brethren even if death robs you of power and glory? Precautions must be taken so you see such fate does not befall you. 


If we are to deal with the coming darkness effectively, then we should take on different responsibilities:


Barbarian - BO, Tanking, and Melee

Druid - Oak Sage, Wolves/Bear, and Ranged Support.

Sorceress - Teleport, Ranged Support/Damage, AOE

Paladin - Auras, Melee/Ranged Support/Damage

Assassin/Amazon/Necromancer - Ranged Support/Damage and Crowd Control


Relay to me whatever position you prefer to undertake and I'll add your name onto here. 


@Yorkfire(OD) - Summon Necromancer

@RadarRick(OD) - Orb Sorceress

@SoByakusho(OD) - Druid

@ScudBarb(OD) and @Hectic(OD) - Hammerdin

@BayButcher(OD) - Trap Assassin

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Hey, would love to join this reset team!
I will be on 24/7 first several days of reset and can be waiting to be ready for when servers come up.


Can play Tele sorc, fireball, meteor, lightning



Hope there is some room 😄

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To those still interested in  running with us we will be in teamspeak and i will coordinate a meet up time that day about an hour prior we can be ready for reset. Who is still in?

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6 hours ago, Yorkfire(OD) said:

Im interested but teamspeak? Why not Discord? 


Most D2ers use Teamspeak, but either one has Clan members on there.  

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