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Server Reset - New World

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Hello everyone!!  I have reset the server and we are starting again.  We reset on 03/01/2019 at 6am est time.  A few things to know about the server are below.


•Pandemonium PVP | 4x xp | 3x Loot | Modded

•Bigger back pack mod - more storage is always good!

•Custom UI with more information on your screen without cluttering your screen!

•Extra forge smelting queue!

•Increased the speed of crafting

•Increased all vehicles movement speed

•Reduced zombie block damage (this is to ensure other players do not abuse zombies to break into/raid player bases)

•Increased the repair/build speed of tools

•Increased the amount of skill points you gain from the starter quest - 30, up from the vanilla 4.

•Reduced the near death trauma debuff to 5 minutes.

•Reduced the noise/heatmap of the chainsaw and auger - No more screamers every 5 seconds when digging out a bunker!

•Special VIP lounge for donators.  Special access for donator commands on the bot. We will never add anything for donors that will give an unfair advantage over other players in pvp.

•Server is professionally managed through botman server manager.  It protects against hackers, cheaters, allows me access from my phone or PC, etc etc, entirely to many features to list.

•4 admins dedicated to running a smooth experience for everyone.


The server has been modded and designed to promote pvp.  That is why we have fast crafting and base building to ensure folks get out of the tedious parts of the game and out into the world to get straight into PVP.


The server has become extremely popular, often at capacity during peak times.  We are currently on a 25 slot server with plans to increase this amount going forward.  If you enjoy a good,versatile game and some fun pvp then you should definitely give us a try.  Not only is the pvp fun, but the thrill of raiding a persons base while they are home is just so much fun.  To try different base designs to not only keep the zombies out but to protect yourself from other players. Below is the server ip and port for those that want an easier way to find us on the server list.


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Awesome!  Maybe you can entice the builders to come back and build!

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Ill have to take some video walk through's of some of the massive complexes me and my team have built to thwart pvp base raiding efforts.  Last base took us 5 days to dig out alone.  You should pick up the game purplez, you might find a new addiciton =D , I did.

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