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That tutorial video doesn't work anymore, and I'm personally kind of glad it doesn't because that wasn't my most dignified of videos.

The basics are you start it up, you push Connections in the top left, enter the server name (ts3.overdosed.net) and a nickname for yourself (should be your OD name), then hit connect. (No password needed) It should connect you to the server.


For troubleshooting or voice checks/changes you select Tools at the top -> Options -> Capture.

Push-to-talk is generally recommended, so people don't end up hearing your burps, coughs, sneezes, sighs, snickers, and snorts. If that really doesn't work for you then voice activation is second-best, just make sure to adjust your sensitivity using the colored bar above so it doesn't pick up everything. And if you use continuous transmission then you will have no friends and no one will come to your birthday party.

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