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Server Wipe 12/1/18

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Server has been wiped as of 12/1/18.  I have modded some small aspects of the server in the hopes to attract more players for some pvp action.


•Boosted experience gain to 2x normal exp.

•Boosted loot abundance to double loot.

•Increased the amount of max spawned zombies from 60 to 100.  This should create a little more risk versus reward while out scavenging and doing your daily activities.\

•Increased the blood moon horde from 32 zombies per player to 64 zombies per player.  Teaming up will be beneficial throughout the game but on blood moon night teaming up means you get every players zombies at one location.  Again, a risk vs reward change here.

•Level cap is 300.  You can buy every perk in the game now at max level.



Future Updates

•Custom XUI (HUD), to show more information on the screen.

•Bot - This will help manage events, locations, server administration and so much more.



This is alpha 17 experimental build.  To try out alpha 17 experimental go to your steam library and:

Right click 7 days to die>Properties>Betas Tab>Select Latest Experimental drop down box>Wait for download and install>Enjoy


So far this version of the game has been a solid improvement in most aspects.  Huge graphics overhaul, smoother performance, overhauled AI (zombies are smart! ish..), mods for armor and weapons (nice way to make your own unique playstyle), and so much more.


Server can be found by searching Overdosed Gaming in the join a game menu.


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