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A Tour of Bunker OverDosed

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Our main base, still a lot to work on. Many tunnels lead nowhere at the moment, we are making tunnels underground to many different locations.

first room is @DBZ(OD) and @Redvaine(OD)

next 2 rooms are empty, awaiting residents!

3rd is @MooMoo(OD)s room

4th is @Vanity(OD) and @Ghost(OD)s

don't know what we're doing in the big empty room yet or the brick room

2 grow rooms for growing plants even so far undergound(HIDDEN!)

the totally red room is @Chrisdwor(OD)s

those motion sensor lights tho.. 🙂

This is our Day7 base, safe and secure on those days where you're hunted all night long!

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2 minutes ago, Terra said:

Oh. Interesting. Although doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose of having passwords if you write what the passwords are on the wall?

Only allies have the option to put in the password 🙂

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2 minutes ago, Terra said:

Oh. Wait.. why have passwords at all then? ^_-

Well its either unlocked, locked(only I could go through a locked door with no password, since I placed the doors), or locked with a password. They need a password so everyone can go through them, luckily you only have to type them in once!

Edited by Vanity(OD)
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