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Forum Signature Restrictions

How do you feel about forum signature restrictions?  

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  1. 1. How do you feel about forum signature restrictions?

    • Set size and/or text restrictions
    • Do not set size and/or text restrictions
    • Don't care about signatures

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There is currently an ongoing discussion on the topic of forum signatures.  An issue has been raised that some members would like to see restrictions place on the size (dimensions) of forum signatures and the amount of text allowed.  The proposed restrictions would be very similar to JSP's guidelines.  Administration would like to open a poll to the general public to gauge where people fall in feeling the need to implement restrictions on signatures.


I would like to also point out a feature of the forums that some may be unaware of.  Members have the ability for members to hide any signature that they feel is distracting by clicking the "x" at the top-right corner of the signature.  The drop down menu allows you to hide specifically that member's signature or all members' signatures.


Restrictions have been proposed, in spite of this system, as some members wish to see everyone's signatures (they don't want to hide any) but feel that some of them are distracting and should be brought within a scope of reason.

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