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Top 5 Things I wish I knew

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Here are a few things I wish I knew when I started BDO!


1- Talk to ALL the npcs in each town or if you pass them on your travels. This in turn increases your energy pool for rolling on the Night Vendor (Cash sink that spawns sharps,hard,Boss gear to purchase)


2- Do the Black spirit quests all the way through! This gives you energy,contribution and inventory space!


3-Do no sell your Sharp or Hard Stones or you black stone (Armor or Weapon). You may not need them too much now but later down the road you will


4- Start making beer as soon as you can.. This will give you a supply of beer to feed your workers when your Worker Empire expands


5-Now this tip is mainly my opinion others will disagree but Memory Fragments are annoying to get later on so DO NOT sell your relic shards from fishing just keep them on an alt until you have 25-50 of them and turn them into scrolls and do them! (This will give you mem frags,Hunters seals)



Now these are just 5 tips that i personally wish i knew. I'm sure there are plenty more that could be added but these are the ones that i want to pass onto you

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thank you,

Try to find all of the question marks in a town or in an area there is useful information there and you get a benefit for opening them all up

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