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The Normal-Mode PK Charger

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  Sometimes I feel like being a terrible person. Sometimes I'm bored and I want to jump on a character that's going to troll noobs in normal so hard, that I can taste their tears seeping through my monitor. I haven't done it in a long time though, because I'm more concerned about the dying D2 community nowdays than before. Last thing I need to do is be part of the cause that's driving people away. Then again, it's darwinism (More baddies with bad attitudes is not what we need more of), and oftentimes there's that one guy that takes it lightly enough to friend me and get help from me. So hey, I stave off karma a bit.

Here's my favorite build to do that on. A level 12 Charger/Zealer. Why level 12? Because killing noobs on a level 90 is no fun and I don't like hearing their excuses and whining about level difference. I prefer to experience the butthurt of a full game of level 15-20's who got wrecked by a 12.

I'm going to post two builds. One is the trash-budget build that's worth maybe 5 FG and the other is the 250 FG upgrade that can actually hold its own in VLLD.


Shop Halbu in Act 4 for the following
-42+ Damage War Hammer (Level 12 max ofc)
-72+ Damage Great Maul (Level 12 max ofc)

It will likely take you 5-15 mins a piece to find these

If you really want to get the most out of these, you can socket quest them and hope for 2 sockets. Put Hel's or 15-20%ed jools in the Great Maul and any 6-9Max jewels you might have in the War Hammer

Armor: Angelic Mantle
Shield: Sigon
Helm: Sigon
Gloves: Sigon
Belt: Death's Sash (Can't be frozen)
Amulet: Angelic Wings
Rings: 2x Angelic Halo's

Inventory: Fill it up with random strength charms. The more strength, the better.

Skills: 1 point in Charge | 1 point in Zeal | The rest into Might

Use the War Hammer to Zeal and the Great Maul to Charge

VLLD 250FG Upgrade (Based loosely on NL prices)

Instead of shopping a War Hammer for Zeal, you will want one of these two options

15ed base, 6-socket, Military Pick + all 9max Jewels
   -Or to take it even a step further
15ed base, 3-4 socket, War Scepter with +3 Zeal + all 15ed/Adds 2-9 Damage Jewels

Instead of Sigon Shield, you'lll want a 65ed/120ar Base, 4 socketed, Heraldic Shield socketed with all 9max Jewels

Instead of random strength charms, you'll want all 3/20/20 Grand Charms, x1 cold damage SC, and x9 2-Strength SC's

This build is incredibly powerful, tanky, versatile, and fun for its level. It's one of my favorite builds period.

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