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If you're looking to gear up

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I currently do Hell runs with 500 MF. I do not pick up anything but rings and runes. If you want to join on any of my private runs while i'm online, you're welcome to nearly everything that hits the floor. This will mostly cater to newer players whom will benefit from items like Mara's, Bul-Kathos rings, Shako, etc. I will be picking up/ keeping Jah/Ber/Zod runes.

I hit Tower L5, Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, and Diablo. Runs last about 15 mins in total with Diablo.

If you're interested add my account name in game: TouchMe(OD) and if you see me online, just send me a message requesting to join the farm. Good Luck, Thanks for reading. Hope to see some of the new members grouping with soon!


Clan Overdosed

Light Sorc

40K Lightning Dmg

500 MF


Can do NM/Hell rushes, Anya quest/ Ancients for whomever needs, just ask.


Sorc is a bumper for Normal/Nightmare, if an officer needs a bumper, please let me know, try to gather a couple people together who need it so its not wasted on one player, Thanks!

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