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Good evening this weekend the R&R squad / committee of overdosed got some new management Dave (OD) is now the CO and CompFreak(OD) is now the XO. We were to take our hats off to the former leaders of the R&R committee PJPotter(OD) and the Dabomb(OD).


What the R&R committee stands for is recruitment and retention and we need help with both of these if you’re interested in helping the R&R committee please contact Compfreak or Dave.


You do not have to be a member of the R&R group to get help from us, if you want to be a member we need your ideas we need your energy. We are trying to do this so our community grows . If you need help in these areas please drop us a line in on the form in the community area. And we will get back to you as soon as possible if you have any ideas please let us know we’d love to help you get them rolling or if you want to do them yourself that’s fine.


Currently we have the recruitment challenge going were about halfway through so if you’re in a division that hasn’t started playing this yet you need to. Every division will win a prize if they have somebody that meets the qualifications, the qualifications are minimum three new recruits and then will be happy to give you the prize this this challenge is open to all members who are recruiters of the rank of  CWO4 and below. We look forward to handing out prizes.


We also need some ideas for prizes for the next one than there’s going to there is going to be another recruitment challenge that will be open for the entire community stuff you have any ideas on what can be a prize for this please let us know.


The R&R squad is now considered a committee so instead of having a committee meeting we will do this on the board (our locker)


If you need recruitment help on discord we will try to give it to you if your game is a subscription game remember somebody’s will have to sub in to help you recruit so it may not happen every month I would rather train some new recruiters that they can do it themselves




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