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Seen lots of entries

Gotta hire some sentries

Who's gonna win this?


When you write a poem it's hit or miss if you don't win don't think I'm takin' the piss

Missed like Cain in Trist haters with clenched fists increased circulation in the wrists

Their blood's boiling, their plots I'm foiling, my HoTo's recoiling

Spit poison like Unravelevers and Claw Vipers are still coiling

I skinned those vipers and made a Skin of the Vipermagi

I kill council members so fast you'd think I was using The Cat's Eye

Nah son I main sorcs slap infinity on my merc so he puts in the work

Eat burning souls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a fork

My fork being chain lightning it's rather frightening no need for Tgod's

Teleport in rushes so fast people ask me if I'm using maphack mods 

And I say hell no Clan Overdosed is 100% legit don't ya know bro?

Countless terrible drops off the countess it's ridiculous all her drops low

Found so many goddamn shaels how bout drop me a goddamn Lo


Can't find more prizes

Seen several great entries

Still undecided




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Good thing you have until Sunday to declare the winner!  So very glad it's you and not me picking the winner hahaha

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The ballad of Purple Vs DBZ

It was a cold morning, the air had a bite
The wind was blowing, no monsters in sight
I waited, knowing what was to be
The battle of me against DBZ
He’s unstoppable I hear everyone say
You can not win, you will die this day
I choose to ignore all that talk of this
I waited, praying I would not miss
I rehearsed the spell over in my brain
I gripped my staff tight, just all the same
The ground started shaking I knew what’s to come
I tensed as I seen him in the rays of the sun
The sky grew darker, the world stood still
I shivered a moment from the sudden chill
The mere sight of him gave me a little fright
The look in his eyes was as cold as ice
He looked at me, and I at him
I seen my chance and started to grin
He had no gear, he was weak as a babe
I cast my spell, what can I say?
He died a quick death no fight at all
My blizzard killed him, such a quick fall
I quickly exclaimed my innocence knowing what he’d do
I said it over and over, trying to convince him that it’s true.
I know that it was cheap, and kind of really mean
But at the end of the day, I defeated DBZ.

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Bravo bravo Nymathin!  That is totally awesome.  Actually in tonight's duel I was partners with @DBZ(OD) and I felt sorry for him cuz I was so sucky.  It's all good fun tho.

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