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Overwatch Fantasy League

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League: 1/10


Players score points depending on their performance in the actual matches. 
They are awarded differently based on the role of the player: 


  • +2 points for a Kill
  • -1 point for a Death
  • +1 point for getting an Ultimate
  • +2 points for getting the First Kill in a teamfight
  • -2 points for suffering the First Death in a teamfight


  • +2 points for a Kill
  • -1 point for a Death
  • +3 points for getting an Ultimate
  • +4 points for getting the First Kill in a teamfight
  • -1 points for suffering the First Death in a teamfight


  • +3 points for a Kill
  • -1 point for a Death
  • +3 points for getting an Ultimate
  • +4 points for getting the First Kill in a teamfight
  • -2 points for suffering the First Death in a teamfight
  • +1.5 points for Ressurecting a teammate (points will be rounded)

In case your league is older it might use the old scoring format, which is the same for every role:

  • +2 points for a Kill
  • -1 point for a Death
  • +1 point for getting an Ultimate
  • +3 points for getting the First Kill in a teamfight
  • -2 points for suffering the First Death in a teamfight


Create a 10-man lineup for a week of matches. You can choose any player playing in that event with only 2 restrictions:

  • Choose no more than 4 players from the same team
  • Have at least 2 Support, 2 Tank and 2 Offense players

The weekly fantasy contests are open for everybody, so you will compete against hundreds of other players. Compete in as many weeklies as possible to place high on the seasonal/stagely leaderboard. If you place high enough on the leaderboard for Overwatch League for a single stage great prizes await you! 

Create your own Fantasy Overwatch League, invite your friends or play against complete strangers. Fantasy leagues have a maximum number of participants, because each player can only be drafted once (For example OWL fantasy leagues can have no more than 10 participants). 
Fantasy leagues differ immensely from weekly contests:

  • You can start your league mid-season (even after the event, e.g. OWL, already started)
  • Draft
    • The draft is at the start of the league
    • The draft can be started by the league owner (In public leagues the draft will start once the league is full)
    • Each player can only be drafted once
    • The draft order is random
    • The draft is a snake draft, depending on your position in the draft here is when it's your turn to pick a player: 
    • The draft will be an "offline" draft, meaning each participant creates a Draft-Player-Ranking.
    • Once the league owner "starts the draft", each user has 24hours to create their DPR
    • Once those 24 hours are over the computer uses the DPRs to simulate the draft. It always assigns the most desired available player to the team, which's turn it is currently to pick. It will also make sure that your team meets the restrictions set for the roster, which are:
    • Each roster has 10 players and must have at least 2Support, 2Tank and 2Offense players
    • In the draft if you have 6Offense players already and your next most desired player is an Offense player as well, the computer will instead draft your most desired Tank or Support player
    • Why have I only drafted 9 players? 
      That happens if at any point in the draft all tanks or supports were taken and you only had 1player of that role. 
      Then you were not allowed to pick up a non-tank/ non-support anymore because that would violate the "at least 2 of each role restriction" 
      If someone trades an unsigned player and drops a sup/tank you can pick up that player for the free spot
  • Matches
    • Each week you face off against another league member
    • Select 6 players from your 10-man roster to play for you that week, those are your "Starters"
    • Your Starters must include at least 1Support, 1Tank and 1Offense player
    • Your Starters score points depending on their performances in the event
    • Benched players will not contribute to your teams' points
    • The participant that gets more points for a week wins the match
    • You get 3 points for winning, 1 point for tying (rarely happens) and 0 points for losing a match
    • The user that has the most points at the end of the event, wins the league!
  • Trading Players
    • Once the league has gone through the draft users can trade players
    • Note, that your roster still needs to have at least 2Support, 2Tank and 2Offense players after the trade
    • Trades can not be accepted from the time between matches started for a week until points for those matches were calculated
    • If asked for a trade, simply accept or decline it
    • You can also obtain unsigned players, but additional rules apply:
    • Each user can make requests to obtain unsigned players
    • Those requests won't be handled immediately
    • Instead, 24 hours before the next match-week starts the server will go through the requests
    • When doing that, each user gets assigned a priority based on their points in the league (and for week 1 based on their draft order) - lower points = higher priority
    • So if two users request to draft the same player, the one who is of worse will get him
    • Once a high priority user obtained a new player his priority will fall, so that the next contested player goes to the user with the next highest priority, etc.
    • Your desire of which trade you want to happen the most is expressed by which request you handed in first, your first request will have the highest priority (use the "Cancel Trade" button if necessary)
    • After that first round of requests has been handled for that week (so in the 24 hours until the games start that week), users can immediately swap players in and out of their rosters, no more waiting will be necessary (since we assume the most desired players are now gone).
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