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Log Overview / Comparison

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Hey all - it's that time again.


Last Sundays normal raid went really well - and we had pugs that we were carrying - rather hard at that.  So this time we will be looking at this last weeks log and compare it to one of our earlier normal logs.  There was significantly less to heal which means cleaner mechanics.  So lets break it down.


Garothi Worldbreaker


Pre potting - this is still a weak area for us that we need to improve.  You should ALWAYS use a pre pot during the last bit of the countdown so it starts the cooldown for your potion.  This lets you use a second one during the fight.  This adds up to tons of extra damage that you're missing out on.


For Avoidable damage holy cow.  This week we had NO avoidable damage taken - way to go guys!  The prior, we had 2 people take hits from Fel Bombardment.  Good job stepping up to the plate.


Fel Puppies


Pre potting - This is quickly going to turn into a broken record issue, but the same above still applies - do eeeet.


Avoidable Damage - We actually got worse at this this week.  We need to continue to step up to these mechanics.  Sure it's normal, but if we can't execute well here Heroic is going to continue to be a huge thorn in our side - as all of the normal mechanics are there in addition to new ones added in heroic difficulty.


Main areas of improvement here - do NOT get cleaved on.  You should never be in front of the boss.  I understand 2 people stack with Moon for his debuff to avoid fear at certain points - but those people are not the ones getting cleaved.  It is actually happening on the dog that Tim tanks - which should never happen.  And, do NOT get run over the fire dog - the long orange columns.  Move out of them - the person with it will also be moving away from the raid a bit but you must also be situationally aware yourself.


High Command


Pre potting - You get it by now.


Avoidable Damage -  We got better in some aspects here.  Before, we had some pyromancers getting their casts off.  This week, we did not so well done.  However, lots of people are eating cleave damage and the stacking debuff Exploit Weakness.  This makes you take extra physical damage and stacks - it's very dangerous.  The shock troopers that run around bladestorming do physical damage - making this turn into an ever compounding problem.  If the pyromancer is in front of the boss the tank should be turning the boss away from the pyromancer so the DPS have the room they need to do their job.


Portal Person


Pre potting - Not done driving this nail in yet.


Avoidable Damage - Most of this comes from the Howling Stalkers that appear during the fight.  We need to be better about killing them quickly to prevent their aoe.  The pulse damage isn't incredibly high - but it goes up a lot in heroic so we need to get this down.  Also, it interupts spellcasting for 6 seconds - so it hurts not only DPS, but healers as well - making this cascade into more problems.


Felstorm Barrage is the giant green strip on the ground.  There's plenty of time to get out of it - so get out of it.


Eonar the Tree Lady


Potions - Yep, still not done.


Avoidable Damage - Rain of Fel - the small green circle that appears around a player.  If you see someone with this, get away from them.  If you have it, get away from others.  Situational Awareness.  Also, lots of falling damage... not sure why since most of the ledges have the wind currents you can see on them [white lines] and when you run on them and jump it sends you up or down to the next platform.  You also have the active ability that shoots you up in the air and then turns into one that lets you land wherever you want.


Imonar the annoying


Potions - We on the same page yet?


Avoidable Damage - Well ya... so there was a TON of avoidable damage taken.  Warrented some of it was also the pugs and I've tediously looked through the details to rip out only problems caused by us.  That being said - the mechanics on normal are actually very easy to deal with.  There's just a lot of them, and it makes it look harder than it is.  Good rule of thumb here is to simply keep an eye on your feet.  If there's anything below you - move.  Don't finish a cast, don't reach for that slice of pizza - move.


The Layzar Guy


Face it, nobody knows him as anything else.

Potions - oh look, potions.


Avoidable Damage - Stop. Standing. In. The. Beam.  Please.   Also, the red swirls that appear on the ground during the add phase you need to move out of.  It takes a bit for it to hit the respective area so there's plenty of time if your mobility spell is on cooldown.  Something most may not know about is those weird spike lookin things left behind when he hits the tanks with Reverberating Strike.  If you're standing near one when he does it to a tank - they all let off a short range Area of Effect fire damage pulse.  So just don't be near em guys, easy.


Hey look its the same dreadlord we keep killing


Potions - Hey...ya....use em.


Avoidable Damage - So we're about the same here, little less on some, little more on others.  The only avoidable damage for normal is the giant purple things of death.  Move out of em right away, don't finish the cast.  It sounds silly but clean mechanics on normal make life in heroic much easier.


Shivvara Coven


So this fight is heavily dictated by the group as a whole.  By this I mean everyone that makes a personal screw up hits the entire raid in some fashion.  Because of this - it's VERY important we execute these phases cleanly - it can easily kill people in normal, and it's a wipe in heroic.


Potions - [insert use potion meme here]


Avoidable damage - The small section above really highlights this.  We had deaths to the Norgannon death wall of walking.  This was because someone used an ability to move the wall [such as typhoon, roots, etc] and it got people killed.  Warrented, this was the pug resto druid we brought along that did this, but it just goes to highlight how one person can wreck an otherwise clean fight.  We also had tons of damage go out in the form of Whirling Blades - the fiery tornado that gets thrown out by the Fire Shivvara when she's active.  You should never get hit by this - ever. 

Lets talk shadow blades - 3 very large and obvious purple spikes that move in a straight line slowly.  No reason at all to get hit, so don't. 

Flames of Khaz are when we need to evacuate the middle.  People getting hit by this was savable in normal - it won't be in heroic.  It WILL kill you.


Aggramar the LFR Stomp Machine


Potions - Potions....potions....potions....


Avoidable Damage - Well done, 2 weeks in a row where we took ZERO avoidable damage.  Can't wait to hit this guy in heroic great job.


That being said, there are other aspects we can execute cleaner.  We can always improve - so please do not think we are perfect on this just yet.


Argus the Tree Hater


Face it, he hates the free rez tree.


Potions - this is literally the worst fight to not use potions on.  The pre pot helps us get through the first phase faster which helps us immensely later on down the road.  Easily an 11 minute encounter, longer phases mean Healer mana going down the tubes.  Help us help you.


Avoidable Damage - There is a ton of damage that goes out during this fight that isn't really avoidable - but there's also heaps more that we can avoid.  

Death Fog is the black stuff he puts out in phase 1.  From both the conal attack as well as the soulblight orbs  We need to move faster - As soon as he starts the backswing for Cone of Death haul ass - if you wait your taking a huge hit upfront and a super heavy DoT every second you stand in it on your way out.  It's difficult to heal through on normal, and it will simply bend you over on Heroic.

Edge of Obliteration are the long black lines across the arena floor during phase 2.  They're easy to avoid and are honestly just a nuisance.  That being said, it's there for a considerably long time before it does its damage along the line so just stay out of them however you need to.

Cosmic Ray was a lot cleaner this week and I hope to see it completely gone off the charts next week.  A player gets targeted and the add shoots a beam in a straight line across the entire arena floor  along that line to that player.  Make sure to stand out of the line, as it is visible to all players.

Ember of Rage are the blue swirls in the last phase, those small meteor looking things that put a stacking heavy DoT on you.  They really, really hurt and are definitely avoidable throughout the entire phase.  I understand it gets a lot harder as we go on in that phase, but we can definitely do better.  Shout out to @Moon for taking 58 independant hits from this on the 18th, but only 14 this last Sunday.  Way to step up.  You don't need to be perfect at this, but on Heroic when we get there this is going to kill you with only a couple stacks where as in normal we get away with maybe 4 - 5 is REALLY straining things. 


So there you have it - Each fight broken down a bit from the problems section / viewpoint.  We all have areas to improve on - and if we honestly want to down heroic content we need to able to execute normal mechanics well.  Please step up where  you need to, keep improving - and you'll find it very rewarding as we continue to down more bosses on Heroic Antorus progression.  

I did not cover DPS and HPS for this because we outgear the content so heavily, it's honestly not the point of concern anymore.  IF you need to work on your DPS or HPS outputs / uptimes / etc - you probably already know.  If you need help reach out - we're a division, a community - we help each other.  We need everyone to be giving their best if we want to progress.

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Thank you Sarnith for taking the time to post this.  If anyone is in need of help with anything please contact one of the leadership team or a raid leader and we will help you out.


Also Saturday evening we are going to try to get an Alt raid group together, if we do not have enough people we will split off and do Mythic+ dungeons.

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