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Hello Ladies and Gents

Each month both myself and Xayj will get together and draw out one of you to receive a Blizzard/Hots gift code that you can use to exchange for those sweet chests that we all know and love. The draw will be recorded so that each member can listen if they so choose and see how the process went on.


How To Participate in the giveaway

so you want to participate in this awesome giveaway. This awesome giveaway that we are doing every month! well all you gotta do to go into the draw is be a member of OD HotS. 


How the Selection system works for the winner

To make it as fair as possible we will be using a random generator to select 10 people. these 10 people will be given a number between 1-10 and from there we will choose 5 to continue onto the next stage. The selected 5 people will then be lowered down to 3 and from the last 3 we will select our monthly winner


If you win a monthly prize in June you cannot win the July giveaway so that all members have a chance of winning something and we don't have the same people winning over and over.


Depending on how active we are will determine whether we will do a end of season or end of year giveaway that would give you real life goodies. these goodies would include a hat, A water bottle and a poster of our Lord and Savior Probius the probe!!!


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