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Welcome to Heroes of the Storm!

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Hello OD Gamers, welcome to Heroes of the Storm!


   Before you go off on your own and enjoy the vast wonders our little community offer. We'd like you to spend a few minutes and reading through this info to get to know what is what around here. Overdosed Gaming is a unique community in the sense that we've been around for 16+ years. In that time the community has largely evolved in some ways to accommodate our members' needs and to keep us going with the times. We always strive to create a safe, enjoyable and most importantly here in HoTs a friendly atmosphere for our members to exist in. 


Here's some info we think you should know to make your transition into the community a little easier. 


   Who are the HoTs leaders?

      The HoTs leaders are currently,






Q. I have a question that the current online division leader doesn't specialize in. Do I have to wait for the proper one to come online?

A.  NO! You can go to any of the division leaders here in HoTs with anything at all. We'll do our very best to answer your question, or make sure we can point you in the right direction to get it. 


Q. I was given an answer from Melrak that I don't like. Am I allowed to take my problem to another division leader to possibly get a different answer?

A. Yes and No. While all of us are equally division leaders. We still follow the ranking structure of our clan, therefore an administrative decision can only be overturned by a member of higher rank. In this case to overrule Melrak's administrative decision (e.g. The banning of a member) someone of a higher rank would have to do it. This does not mean that if you talk to Xayj about a decision Melrak made he wouldn't be able to convince him to change his mind. While the division leaders are of all different ranks. We're leaders together because we respect one another's opinion.  

(TLDR: Don't ever be afraid to go to another leader if you feel you still need more information.) 


Q. How do I go about recruiting here in HoTs?

A. Great question! We have a separate topic that you can read about recruiting in depth right ===> HERE <===


Q. Do I have any responsibilities as a simple "enlisted" member here in OD Gaming?

A. Wow! You're just full of great questions aren't ya? We just happen to have a super informative topic about that very such thing you can view by clicking Right Here!


Q. I have a friend I want to try to get into playing HoTs with the OD Community. Do you have anything I can show them to possibly convince them OD HoTs is more than just another Heroes community?

A. Yes, we sure do! You can find information about our great division giveaway in a post made by Melrak & Xayj, right over HURR!





We hope by the end of this post you at least now have a little more of an understanding of your role in the crazy community we have. But, never fear! If you're still lost and have NO IDEA what the hell we're going on about here. Come find us on teamspeak or Discord(you can reach us by using the @Division Leader(Destiny). 

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