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As a member of HoTs, you have certain responsibilities depending on the rank tier you fall in. There is also some acronyms that you need to understand. 


DSL: (Days since login) - Our website(Overdosed.net) keeps track of how often our member(s) login. Every rank tier has a limit of how long you can go without logging in. 

Enlisted - 14 days to log in (disabled on the 15th day)

Warrant Officer - 10 days to log in (disabled on the 11th day)

Officer/Sr.Officer - 6 days to log in (disabled on the 7th day)

General/Commander - not held to DSL standards


Responsibilities that are reflected in your rank.


Enlisted - As an enlisted member of the Overdosed Gaming Community. The responsibilities you have are extremely low. We only ask a handful of things from you.

1. You remember to log in to Overdosed.net at least once every 14 days. So you don't get disabled.


2. You participate in your main game, which in this case is HoTs.

This is all that's expected of you for at least a month. After 4 weeks in OD, you'll have made your way to Staff Sgt. via the automatic promotion system. Once you reach this rank, you're allowed to ask for recruitment rights. Once given these rights, you're enabled to invite people into the in-game clan as well as the main website(overdosed.net). Also with Staff Sgt. You gain the ability to vote for your fellow member(s) promotions(which can be found here http://overdosed.net/index.php?view=Console&cmd=Approval&target=Promotions) Regardless of whether you're voting for a member you put up. Or a member that is already up for promotion. You're required to give 3 valid reasons to positive vote and 1 valid reason to negatively vote. If you wish to abstain from voting either way, but still feel the need to comment on their promotion. You have the ability to give a neutral vote.


Warrant Officer - As a W.O. of the HoTs division. You'll be held to the same standard as an enlisted. On top of the responsibilities you'll already be used to, there are a few that are specific to now being a W.O.

1. You're expected to be more active in recruiting.

2. You're expected to know how to use your console.(If you have any questions on how to use it. Please feel free to ask any of the division leaders)

3. You're expected to know and if need be enforce the rules of the HoTs division and the OD Gaming Community.

4. We would like you to be active on the forum. But this is not an expectation for W.O. But a nice add-on for anyone who wants to continue to advance beyond into the Officer ranks.


Officer+ - You're an officer(or higher). Do your job. Don't make the division leader(s) life hard. 

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