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Li Li the World Wanderer

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5a8ce79054e89_lili.jpg.27dd1195c495ab3bd79a0c38a7b2ae51.jpg Li Li the World Wanderer


Li Li is a positional support that protects her allies by throwing out healing brew and blinding enemies

Damage 3/10

Utility 8/10

Survivability 8/10

Complexity 3/10

Li Li has 3 abilities and a choice of two ultimate's

T    Fast Feet    Upon taking damage, your basic ability cooldowns refresh faster and Li Li gains movement speed

Q    Healing Brew    Heal the Lowest health ally Prioritizing Heroes.

W    Cloud Serpent    Summon a Cloud Serpent on an allied Hero that attacks nearby enemies each second and heals the ally hero.

E    Blinding Wind    Throw a cloud of Wind at the Two nearest enemies Prioritizing Heroes. Affected Targets are blinded causing their basic attacks to                                    miss and deal no damage

R1    Jug of 1,000 Cups    Channel for up to 6 seconds healing the lowest health nearby allied hero

R2    Water Dragon    Li Li summons a Water Dragon that hits the nearest enemy Hero and all enemies near them damaging and slowing them.


(Please note that Edits will follow Improving and providing more info. this is just a base outline)

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