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Looking for more people to survive the apocalypse with

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We are seeking more survivors to help us thrive in the apocalypse.  In 7 days to die we have a very harsh life.  We must hunt and grow our own food or scavenge for what little remains of the old world.  We must build fortifications to protect ourselves from the zombie onslaught daily.  We must arm ourselves with weapons and protect ourselves from the constant threat of zombies and wildlife.  We have to craft and create our own tools including electrical and power equipment later in life.


For anyone that is interested please let me know and I will ensure your survival for your first go.  We currently have 3 very established bases and 1 deserted castle up for grabs.  We can equip players with armor, tools and weapons to help them get started.  I will also gift every new player a brand new mini bike for quick travel around the world, which btw is quite large, so there is plenty of room for people to come join us.  


Hikato hosts an OD private server for us, the info for the server is in his original thread: Overdosed in 7 days.


Come join us for great fun and comradeship.


Currently myself, Vanity(OD), Hikato(OD) and SupremeJester(OD) are all active players.  Ravemore(OD) pops in time to time as well.

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10 hours ago, Disco said:

Im coming boyzz

It's gonna be a good time.  Sheeeoooottt...  I found that sweet sweet auger I've been searching far and wide for.  But now I need repair kits.  >.<  I'll help ya out if I can. 

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