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Starcraft 2: Patch 4.0

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I refer you to the patch notes http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/21183638/starcraft-ii-40-patch-notes-11-14-2017 if you need the full list as I may not cover everything here. In general, they're overhauling Multiplayer as we once knew it. Gone are the separate ladders for each specific game and is replaced with one specific ladder. Furthermore, units are being removed or re-designed as well, hence forever changing Multiplayer(whether its for the better remains to be seen). However, I don't play Multiplayer so what I'm about to comment on concerns the other big change in 4.0 and that's Co-Op. Not only do we get a new map but also a new Co-Op Commander, or in this case: Commanders. The latest and greatest addition to the Co-Op crew is Mira Han and Matt Horner as a tag-team combo. Mira Han grants you the ability to build Galleon ships from which to deploy Reapers, Hellions/Hellbats and Widow Mines while a custom Starport allows Matt Horner to unleash an arsenal of Terran Air units: Wraiths, Vikings and upgraded Battlecruisers. Mira's Galleons are like mobile Barracks that can attack(and from LONG range too). Their range is enough to outdistance bunkers, turrets or pretty much any defensive structure and their 20 damage makes them perfect early game options. From those Galleons, Mira deploys her units. Reapers are fast, can briefly fly(seriously) and have the old grenade attack that makes them wickedly powerful against structures. Alas, they lack the +Light Damage from the WoL Campaign if memory serves so they're not as useful as they once were(imo). However, for a hit and run unit, they're not bad. Her Hellions though... RPG Humvees lol. They remind me of the GLA Buggies from C&C Generals as these things have considerable mobility and launch RPG grenades that when upgraded slow down opposing units. In other words, a Marauder on wheels. As for her Widow Mines, just like the Multiplayer versions, although with the change to how a Widow Mine operates, I'm not sure if they're as useful as they once were. However, from a Defense perspective, these things are AWESOME if backed up by other units and defense structures.


Mira also has a couple of unique abilities. The first one is the infamous Mag Mines. You can place a bunch of Mag Mines in an area and when the enemy moves near can be triggered and unleash a horrid of destruction. However, these mines are slow to activate and can be dodged by quick moving units like zerglings or zealots. Her other unique ability is to call down a Space Station. Upon impact it delivers considerable damage, usually killing anything in the impact point. Should anything survive, it later explodes in a nuclear extravaganza, wiping out anything nearby.


Matt Horner compliments Mira by providing effective air support. His Wraiths can be permanently cloaked(Vorazun Ally anyone?) and can be upgraded to attack faster or have the tactical jump ability. His Vikings may not have the range of Raynor's variant but what they lack in range they make up for it in power. They also can Tactical Jump, making them able to jump from one hotspot to another(Shuttle mission anyone?). His Battlecruisers cost more than Raynor's but they're much stronger versions(900 HP!!) and can be upgraded to deal significant damage to Armored Targets. Their form of Detection is a Raven and unlike Nova's variant, it applies effective debuffs on the enemy making them easier to kill and can Tactical Jump like with all of his Air units.


Matt also has two Unique abilities of his own. The first one is a Precision Strike where Fighter craft do bombing runs in an area, dealing massive damage. This comes with a risk though as these craft can be shot down so its best to do so in an area with limited or no AA. His other ability is "Call in the Fleet" or basically calling down Battlecruisers that deal massive damage while firing Yamato cannons at high HP targets. Think Gorgon Battlecruisers but on a much grander scale(and much more lethal). Of the two, his Fleet calldown is my favorite.


Mira&Matt yield a special bonus to any Co-Op Commander they partner with in that should any of their units die, 10% of their cost can be salvaged on the battlefield in the form of a pick-up. This makes commanders like Stukov or Zagara that lose units often even more deadly. Although Mira&Matt have to build Supply Depots, they're the lucky one to get the double supply upgrade, hence each depot yields 16 supply. Horner's units regenerate life outside of combat but if you're paired with any commander that can heal you, its kind of moot. The level 15 upgrade is the most notable of all: Each supply of Mira's units increase the life of Horner's Units while each supply of Horner's units increase the attack speed of Mira's. Hence having a balanced supply of units from each commander is the key to their success. I find massing Hellions with Wraiths, Vikings and Battlecruisers(plus 2-3 Ravens for good measure) to be a solid force. Get some Raynor Medics or Swann Sci Vessels for healing and this commander can carry you to the promised land :) Don't neglect Mira's Galleons. They can be used to fight too!!


As for the Co-Op mission, I haven't played it yet myself but I hear its challenging and fun. Got any comments or questions, feel free to post!

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