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Goal suggestion for our SC2 division

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When I used to be in this division back in the day and was leading a lot of stuff,


I used to have a set of goals that I would try and accomplish for myself and the clan overall.



I know these things are basic stuff that anyone would be able to do it, but drawing back on my experiences I would recommend having these goals in mind and accomplish them step by step.

I realize Opal is the leader here and I am not trying to trespass into anyone's territory. 

I have decided that my main game is SC2 and I would like to assist Opal in his resurrection of this division.


I have talked to Opal a little bit and I realize that he already has all these things in his mind but I wanted to let others and Opal himself know in writing what I think would be ideal to get this division back on its feet.


Before anything, we must also realize how scene is a lot different from what it used to be in the past for those who might think otherwise and believe that it can be great as it used to be. I myself would rage over people who say the game was dead but it isn't dead but it has lost a lot of players and popularity since then. No denying that. 


The Situation : There is no denying that the game has died a lot compared to what it was back in 2013-2014. That was when SC2 was at its peak and had the most players. A lot of users back then were really much about competitive ladder games rather than user map games like Tower Defense and stuff. It also had to do with the fact that the leaders at the time (Tris - HA! Never knew he would become a commander. He was only a *mere* brigadier general when I first joined around 2011) and later on Cory/Twodrunk (took the rein from Tris after he became too busy with SC2 itself) who recruited mostly out of the competitive players who were focused on ladder games. That was what it was all about at the time and I realize that how it was foolish. We could have recruited on the Arcade side but it never fit with our bigger picture of making OD competitive enough to challenge stronger clans at the time in the SC2 scene.


Knowing all this, I think these goals could be taken to achieve a somewhat of a resurrection.


1. Purpose

I think it is very important to state the purpose of the clan like any other organization would do. Knowing and having a purpose would mean we can direct our efforts to the things we need and not the unnecessary stuff. I think Opal can lay this for us and I won't jump the gun and say stuff for him because I only really did talk to him for a day. Having one means a lot. It would mean those who newly join us can have an idea of what the hack OD is trying to do within the SC2 territory.


2. Recruit

This is a no-brainer. A country cannot be run unless you got people. Without the people, no use having a clan. Because of the people populating the clan, that is how the clan can exist. I think Opal is doing a great job. I only got to recruit 48 players during my time in OD before I went away. He's alrdy done half of that within the span of a week. Props for him. Go go OPAL!!


3. Restructure/Structure

Once we got the people, it's good to have some kind of council and the core people that run this place. Just like how OD in itself has this huge community, we need our own for the division. The core members are those who dedicate a lot of shit for the clan. This was actually Terra's idea back in the day when SC2's division was ran mostly by single individuals or a few. Once the core individual left, the clan usually had big slumps or just got obliterated (I can say this as a fact because Terra told me SC2 lost it's division standing after a month and a half after I had left. It mostly had to do with the fact the people who were running the show left with me not because I told them to but because they saw no point in staying in a clan when the person who they like all have left). This is exactly why we need some sort of council and a lot more core members in case of a shitty situation where things start to look grim. It's inevitable at the moment that SC2's division would die instantly without Opal's efforts and those who help him as well. It's a fail-safe switch? Not sure if that's the word but you guys know what I mean. Don't place all your eggs in one basket as you AMERICANS would say xD


4. Build up a competitive ladder team

This would mean we would be able to clan war against other clans in this regard. This would also mean practice games with other people and this automatically leads to people joining the clan and having an active clan where everyone is playing with each other and getting to know each other. BONDS THEY CREATE BONDS AND THIS MEANS THEY WOULD STAY IN THE CLAN AS THEY MAKE NEW FRIENDS WITHIN THE CLAN.

^ About this part, I can help without much effort for Opal. I was GM and I am sure I can make it back into NA GM within a month. I can guarantee you that. My SC2 skills are god-like because I am Korean. GG.


(on a side note, I am still in contact with a lot of the good friends I made while being in SC2 OD. We don't game anymore but I talk to them on Facebook and such)


5. Sustain

Make the damn clan sustain if you have gotten everything above right. Find ways to sustain it and find dedicated members for the clan. No use having a strong clan for 2 months and have it die out because the leadership became stale and nobody wanted to be with them or something.



Okay I wrote this in a hurry but these are some of my food for thought. I will write up some more for the clan and anyone can ask me for advice and such.







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All I'll say is that Starcraft 2 is a completely different game than what it was when it first debuted in 2010. Not only has Ladder changed but Co-Op and the Arcade really cater to the casual or non-competitive player. Also, lets not forget about Starcraft 1 since it's being remastered(if you didn't know that, quit living under a rock). With SC1 getting a new coat of paint, it might be worth considering relabeling this Squad(and hopefully Division) Starcraft(hence encompassing all things Starcraft, be it 1 or 2). I know of quite a few people who prefer SC1 over SC2 despite SC2 having a lot of QoL improvements like waypoint mining and auto-mine starts.


Summer is nearly over so I might finally be spotted after all these months.

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For the time being I will be focused on building a community around catering to all types/levels of play and to be focused on building each other up as players but I would like to express that comments of dying community for SC2 will not be tolerated, the game has seen a massive shift of player base to SC1 and to casual, Co-Op and arcade, from when OD was a large force in SC2. With more places for a player to go when they log on to starcraft there will naturally be less people in the competitive ladder add to that the fact that starcraft is the hardest game to learn to play it can be very daunting to players who are new to the game to go into ladder right away and with such diverse players in the division it is a great welcoming to any new starcraft player.


The last time a clan had a "Clan War" was just over a year ago and the style of play has shifted to a more casual play style since the start of LotV while retaining a large group of competitive 1v1 players. I understand that OD was once a large portion of GM players but the mentality that we need GMs to make the clan successful is incorrect, the idea of our clan is to have a group of people willing to feed off of each others passion for starcraft to make everyone a better person with the mentality that we should all strive to be better than we were yesterday in all facets of our lives, whether that be for arcade, for competitive laddering (for any skill level, Bronze 5 to top of KR ladder) or for day to day life. While I agree it would be fun to be able to lead the revival of clan wars at this time we simply don't have the ability to think about such grand ideas as we need to be focused on making a unique clan that no other clan has to offer. 


If we had enough people to start to make a competitive team then I would gladly be open to it but it is not my focus at all and will not be any time soon, I realize this is a turn off for many high level players but the focus being on having a diverse and active community in starcraft does not require high level players but rather players who will be willing to form bonds with each other via the base of all gaming, having fun and evolving to the best we can be. When we get enough members that may be something to focus on but again, that is not right now or in the foreseeable future.


As for a structure that is a bridge I will cross when I am no longer able to support the needs of the division with @Melrak(OD) at my side as an incredible XO.


We look forward to seeing you around more @DarkHelmet and hope that you have been well :) When remastered comes out I will be making the SC1 tab again in the division but until we have people who play it I do not feel we need the clutter in the channel.


I appreciate the initiative @Hannibal and would like to direct you at the SC2 suggestion box for future posts like this as it is why I have a suggestion box.



Sorry for the wall of text and remember guys, "Work work," - Orc Peon, on becoming better every day as that is the first step on the path to greatness,



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SC1 is on the old B.Net that also got an aesthetic upgrade but if you're referring to the Teamspeak channel, then I suppose you have a point. Would be nice that our channel ops didn't ban Starcraft clients on sight since flooders still pull crap like that to this day. If we were to establish a presence on SC1 again, it would probably have to be a unique channel so that Diablo 2 can remain open with the main and the current back-up channel for overflow or when crap hits the fan.


I would also probably take an interest in CO-OP and certain Arcade games(have never played Desert Strike in either SC1 or SC2(shocking I know...). We could really get a competitive team on that just like people who did DOTA back in the day on WC3). Crap Patrol 2 is also a favorite of mine, but it really does strain/lag old computers. Despite that, its still a blast to play in a group and the learning curve of the game isn't that steep(to me anyway).

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