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Project P.Y.A. ( Pimp Yo Avatar)

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Greetings, Clan Overdosed!


My names Austin. Most of the people from the WOW division know me as Austinhyperdrive or go by my Wow Character FishMcGee. But you can just call me Fish, or Austin. I am our division fisherman. I provide support by assisting our division players with obtaining their Artifact Fishing Pole. I also provide our raid groups with ingredients for the feasts for our weekly raids.


For those of you who don't know me very well, I am an artist and art teacher and have a enormous amount of experience using Photoshop.


Why am I bringing this up? Well I have a neat idea for anyone who would be interested.


A lot of us have avatar pictures for us specifically in Team Speak or on the Overdosed website and whatnot. But what if we had Avatar's that reflected our WOW toons? I'm a big fan of Tarantino Movies and games based off of his style. What if we made avatars that portrayed an introduction to our favorite WOW toons, in that style. For example, look at the picture below that I have created:


Basically what I would need from you who are interested in participating, is a few things:


1. I need a screenshot of your favorite wow toon. You get decide the pose, how much of the body we see( Such as face shot, full body pose, ect.) and I will need you to send it too me.

2. The name of your toon you desire, and TITLE. for example, in most cases when we style avatars this way, we have like: FishMcGee "The Fisherman" or XYZ "The Tank" and so on and so on.

3. I need the font you wish to have your name and title in. A really good website I use for these kinds of things is dafont.com this place has a mass surplice of free fonts that can be downloaded. Just link me the font you would like and I can take care of the rest.

4. Sometimes when we do this kind of art style you can include little logos that match your personality or the kind of things your character is interested in or does, like the Angry Anglerfish I put in the corner of mine.

5. and Lastly, if there is anything else you would like added, just let me know of course!


I think this could be a really fun project if you guys are game, I am certainty willing to do it! Some things I am still figuring out our what the correct dimensions should be for the avatars, but...let me know if you guys are interested! Game on!

FishMcGee Avatar Sample.jpg

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I am interested in this, I will get things gathered and send them to you via team speak Austin, thank you for offering your services to us all!

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