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Relics Of Avabur Community Squad

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Relics of Avabur is a text-based browser game that takes place in a fantasy setting.
It is now your duty to battle these monsters to earn combat experience; to learn and improve valuable combat skills; to find, purchase and create new equipment to aid yourself and your companions in battle; and, potentially, to create or join a clan, allowing you to work with fellow adventurers for additional benefits.
Crafting and carving become available in the game to create gems and items to help give certain additionl effects like "strength" "health" "crafting boost" "carving boost" "harvesting boost" and many many more features are in this game so what are you waiting for
Will you be remembered as a legend, or as just another insignificant peasant?  Your referral is http://www.avabur.com/?ref=3777 please use this as I have given you this information about the game. Thank you so very much if you come join this great community and yes there is RANKINGS!





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