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Rules Committee Charter

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Mission Statement: The Rule Committee will create a well-defined system that must be followed to propose a rules/policy change at an admin meeting. All committee members will have access to the information they need. Best practice is to create public polls to gather public opinion and/or admin opinions for the basis of the discussion. The committee agrees on in a majority vote and the justification for the change or addition to the current rule/policy. All final decisions on rule changes will be made in the admin meeting in a meaningful, well-structured discourse (The Commander Clause: A Commander can override a failed topic through the Committee). In addition to creating new rules, they are tasked with making sure our current rules stay up to date, make sense, and are clear. They would be the ones helping create rules tailored for new divisions and making sure they coincide with the rules written for the community as a whole. This evaluation of the current rules will occur monthly spreading out our the rules over a year to make sure the committee is not overloaded.


Adding a new Committee Member

The Committee shall have at least 1 commander and an odd number of members (this change was made to avoid voting deadlocks). The Rules Committee is intended to have 9 total members, with as much rank diversity as can be managed. The chairperson can nominate new members. New members have to be voted in by a majority by the group. As such a new Committee Member can only be added if an available spot is open, and members of the rank categories most lacking on the Committee at the time will be preferred (i.e. If we have 3 Generals, 3 Officers, 2 Warrant Officers, then a candidate of WO rank would be favored). Beyond that however there is no official process for electing a new Committee Member, unlike the other processes outlined in this topic. Currently by default we would accept recommendations from Generals and existing Rules Committee members for replacements, or in the event no recommendations are given the responsibility can fall to the Chairperson to scout out appropriate replacement candidates. Once candidates are found the existing Committee Members can hold a vote on whether or which candidates should be the new member of the Committee. The vote can take place on the private board or in a Committee meeting.


This is a current standard policy we can follow, being that no official process has been established yet, but it is open for discussion and change anytime.


Removing a Committee Member

To remove a Committee Member, at least two existing Committee members must agree that the member should be removed. If two members request a vote for a member's removal, then a vote will take place on the private board or during a Committee meeting (if all eligible committee members are present to vote). With majority and the chairperson, committee members can remove another member.


It is expected that reasonable effort to contact an inactive Committee Member, or curb problematic tendencies, will be made before any vote for their removal will take place.


Adding a new Chairperson

In the event a new chairperson needs to be elected, a multiple-choice poll will be created containing the names of all existing Committee Members. Each member of the Committee will place two votes, one on each of two members they feel are most qualified to be the new Chairperson. Members may not vote on themselves. After 7 days of the poll's creation the member with the most votes will be elected the new chairperson. In the event of a tie an entirely new poll will be created containing the names of only the members of the poll who were involved in the tie. Another 7 days will be taken for members to place a single vote on their favored candidate. Members whose names are a part of this poll may not place a vote, either for themselves or any other candidates. If there still remains a tie after this then a Commander from outside of the Committee will be called to cast the tie-breaking vote.


Removing a Chairperson

A Committee member may request a vote for the removal of a Chairperson if they feel necessity requires it, and a vote will take place on the private board or in a Committee Meeting (If all eligible members are present to vote). In order for a Chairperson to be removed it must require a "super majority", in essence 6 of the 8 members of the Committee (with the chairperson excluded) must agree to the removal of the Chairperson in order for it to take effect.


If the Chairperson was removed due to reasons of inactivity, then they will automatically be removed as a member of the Rules Committee altogether as well. If they were removed for reasons other than inactivity then they will still remain as a regular member of the Rules Committee.

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