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Pushing guild recruitment

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I thought I start recruiting on the WoW forums and other sites. I am pretty good when it comes to media stuff. Eventually we can make a WoW Clan Overdosed facebook page if you guys want too. If you have anything to add feel to tell me and  I will try and incorporated into the statement. Since I cannot edit it. I will just repost it below. 


Clan Overdosed is now recruiting for active, alliance players on Stormrage. Clan Overdosed has been well known for awhile but this is the first we have set up a WoW guild because of this, we have a strong pride in our name. We have people online everyday to run mythics and have set raid times. Although our guild is fresh, we strive everyday to improve it and we could use all the help we can get.  All player types are welcome. Our playerbase is a mix between hardcores and casuals. If you enjoy mentoring others, or helping people out then our guild is right for you. We have patient raid leaders ready to help people out and lead raids while teaching others mechanics. We strive to achieve a friendly environment and to make sure everyone feels welcome and noticed. We have an active teamspeak, to which you can find most of our players on. Right now we are getting players geared, learning mechanics, so that eventually we do nighthold as a guild. 


If you wish to be recruited, feel free to message

Luvlu (Battlenet: Yuuki#1990)

Chrishodge (Battlenet: Chrishodge#1465)

Triny (Trinity#1920) 


What is Clan Overdosed?:  " Since its creation in 2001, OverDosed Gaming has been working to create a "safe haven" for all players to come together as community and enjoy a chill environment. We also emphasize on the enjoyment of playing with friends as much as possible with events, public TeamSpeak server, and various competitive groups. All of these things and our overall community make OD one of the best places for you to call home. We invite you to take part and join our community. We do not tolerate BM (bad manners) players who are unable to respect each other and/or the game.  Our goal as a community is to help enrich and enhance the gaming experience of all of our members. We have many ways to get involved on a friendly but competitive level with our community. " -Commander Badboi(OD)


Raiding Times: Tuesday, Wednesday (8pm-10pm EST) 

Website: http://www.overdosed.net/  






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I don't play WoW, but if I saw this, my interest would definitely be peaked. The statement is worded very well, and has a friendly and welcoming tone to it. It also shows initiative which is an extremely crucial aspect in the building of a clan/guild.

I also enjoy the bit of history you had put into the message. It shows that we have a solid group of people, and aren't just another random group of people. Overall this is a great job, I cannot see a flaw!

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