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HCL Rules of Engagement & Screen Shots

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With upcoming additional Squad Titles and some interest in HCL PvP, this post is a reminder of when you can and can't engage in PvP (GM vs BM). This is also where to post screen shots for proof of your Legit Kill. No titles awarded with out SS.


-You can engage in Legit HC GM Duels with willing opponenet. Grab a SS of your opponent agreeing & your win then post here.

-You can defend an OD Run from a PK'er when he hostiles first. Again SS showing he entered, hostiled first & your win then post here.


-You can't chase PK'ers and hostile in others' games, you appear the aggressor. You can enter & challenge them but not hostile and attack untill they agree. Collateral Damage is not acceptable.

-You can't hostile people that join OD games for suspected PK. Confirmation they're the agressor is required, otherwise you appear to be the PK'er.


And Screen Shots! Everything is hear-say with out them. That Legit match can look like you BM'ed someone if they get salty. Cover your ass and show off at the same time.


I feel like last time I wrote this out there was more. Please leave any comments or questions and we'll update if needed.

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7 hours ago, Disco said:

DBZ is king of PvP

I'll get ya next season!



Rip bro. DBZ's no joke. Was he a charger? Desynch and whopped ya?

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