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About the maps (Season 4)

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This post if for any member of Smite, or any other OD member who wishes to try Smite. I am updating the previous version, I will try responding to replies on this post if extra help is needed. You do not have to listen exactly to this due to Meta in conquest constantly changing. 



   This game mode is a basic circular map, it is a 5 v 5, it is very fast pace game mode, the look of the map is like a literal arena in a roman coliseum. There are no obstacles other than 4 pillars in the center and a small area on the left and right side of the map. It has 0 turrets that are damageable but there are two phoenix gates located around the exits near both fountains. 

  • to achieve victory any team needs to reduce enemy teams tickets to 0 (starting tickets are 500 for each team) this can be achieved by : A ) Killing enemy gods (-5 ticket per god killed), B ) Killing enemy minions (-1 ticket per minion killed), C ) Protecting your minions until they reach enemy's portal (-1 ticket per minion that enters portal) D) Pushing a siege minion through that spawns every 10 kills for the team. (-15 ticket per siege pushed through portal)



Image result for smite arena map


(preview of Arena map)


  • On the left and right side there are jungle camps, they have a small invisibility range that only at a close distance can you see the enemy. The three camps are as followed:
    • Mana buff spawns at 0:00
    • Damage Buff spawns at 0:00
    • Attack speed buff spawns at 0:00
    • Now unlike conquest, siege and clash the jungle is completely different each jungle camp buff is controlled by a single creature instead of three. 
  • At the start of a game your team goes to the left side of the map. If you wish you can take out the enemy right camps and them but be wary as the enemy gods will most likely steal or kill you. But typically you go left side and get mana buff, then the god who picks mana buff attacks a small amount of damage then goes alone to middle, be very careful at this moment you are vulnerable so you can also go with your team and complete buffs first.
  • Warding is of little to no use in this game mode. Most likely place for wards would be damage camp due to to being the most important buff.



This game mode is a Japanese style map, it is 3 v 3 the map is shaped similar to a bow with the middle left being bull demon and right being attack damage buff. The map has one tower and one phoenix and one titan on each side with a single lane instead of multiple. For duel the map is the same and so are the same rules but it is a 1 v 1 instead of a 3 v 3.

  • Victory is achieved by defeating titan, When you leave the titans line of sight or area it will travel, it will replenish base of 1000 health and a percentage of what was dealt.
  • A typical team for this map consists of one mage, one adc or assassin, and tank of some sorts whether it be a warrior or guardian.


Image result for smite joust map

(preview of Joust/Duel map)

  • Warding is key for this map you want to constantly ward the inter sections in the jungle that connect lane to bull demon also be sure to sentry ward bull demon. 
  • The buffs for this map are as followed:
    • One mana buff on each teams side located near tower spawns at 0:10
    • One damage buff in the very center spawns at 0:10
    • Bull demon(Joust only) spawns at 4:00



The map conquest to many new players is extremely confusing, yet the map itself is not that hard to understand. It is a map 5 v 5 which has 3 lanes. The roles have typically normal assigned lanes that can switch around depending on the team, for duo(hunter and guardian) they go the long lane, which is located left of the map for order and right side of the map for chaos. Mid(Mage or hunter), Solo(Warrior or specific mages and assassins) they go to the right side of the map. Jungle(Assassins or specific gods)

  • Victory is achieved by defeating titan, for each tower and phoenix down the titan loses some health, it becomes weakened the more towers and phoenixes you have defeated. Be wary when a phoenix is revived it replenishes some of the titans health. When you leave the titans line of sight or area it will travel, it will replenish base of 1000 health and a percentage of what was dealt.

Image result for smite conquest season 4


(preview of Conquest map)

  • Buffs are as followed:
    • Mana buff and speed buff on either side located near solo lane and mid lane spawns at 0:30
    • Damage buff and protection debuff aura located near duo and mid lane spawns at 0:30
  • Meta for conquest
    • When starting the game your support and adc go to the long lane(The lane with the ocean beside it) aka duo lane, and mid laner goes to mid. Solo lane and Jungle have a choice between starting off at the elementals which spawn at 0:30 and most likely contest for the elementals then go to short lane to farm or going to lane killing minions then check elementals if they are taken go to mana buff if they are not take them then return to lane. Repeat kill lane minions then buff then lane minions until all buffs are dropped if they are the jungler goes to mid lane and can start from there. Jungler must all ways focus on dropping buffs for allies and can sometimes take advantage of enemies away from the buffs and take the enemies buffs.
    • Solo lane has to contest alone for a majority of the game and worry about ganks, getting wards placed in the intersections in the jungle between mana buff and the lane is a good placement. They also need their mana buff constantly to clear wave at an efficient rate.
    • Mid laner will be alone for the first bit of the match usually, unless a meta switch can not always be predicted. Mid laner needs to get damage buff and usually should get items that give them large amounts of mp5. Some items like sands of time or vampiric shroud are good for mid laners. 
    • Support should constantly get wards at the intersections between void buff and duo lane. But should also roam around to other lanes especially mid lane.
    • Adc may be alone sometimes except for the very start of the game. Adc should try and focus lane minions then the opposing adc. 
    • Warding is key for warding objectives (gold fury and fire giant)


Siege is a 4v4, 2 laned map with a special feature. Siege minions are implemented into this, these creatures are spawned after you get 100 tics, tics can be received by killing minions(1 per minion) or killing gods(5 per god)

  • Siege minions are extremely strong and there is a portal near fountain located directly in front of spawn that teleports you to the siege minions farthest ahead. If you defeated the siege monster at middle you get your own siege minion. 
  • When the time hits 0:00 your team should be all near or at their buffs, each team should have one member getting damage, one getting attack speed and two getting blue,
  • Your team after getting buffs will separate into two teams of two. Each group should have one person with mana buff. You will then lane and once you have a chance either destroy enemy tower or take a siege minion and take advantage of it to destroy an enemy tower.
  • Sadly only could find this image it is the exact same map except that speed buff is replaced with an attack speed buff.


Image result for smite siege map

(preview of Siege map)


  • Warding is important only on the siege monster in the center, in this game mode only sentry wards are available.
  • Buffs are as followed:
    • Two mana buffs on each side
    • One damage buff on each side
    • One attack speed buff on each side


This map is a 2 laned 5 v 5 map, the map has 2 lanes that curve together one lane is short and one is longer depending on the side. This map doesn't have gold fury or fire giant instead it has its own type of buff. The meta for clash is basically anything similar to assault you just have a comp that works as long as there are 3 physical and 2 magical or 3 magical and 2 physical your team and one of the gods are a tank(Warrior or Guardian) you usually can win. 


Smite clash map.JPG

(preview of Clash map)

  • Warding is not as important due to the fact that the main buff is in the center of the map where everyone sees.
  • It is important to keep an eye on the enemy because enemies will be very close to you at most times because of the small sized lane gap.
  • The buffs are as followed
    • Two mana buffs on each side one located to the right of each spawn and the other is in the center of the map
    • The damage buff/Apophis is located in the center of the map. At 10:00 Apophis spawns and does damage to anyone in range.








Everyone who has played League of Legends and Smite's assault can say that they are very similar and they really are, but non the less I find people that play assault often do stuff that I really don't understand so I will put this here so they try to get better at game. Assault is single lane map, gods are chosen random (the reason why most of people don't like to play it), once you exit your base you are not able to go back to buy item and heal yourself, this map has no minion camps, here are few things that can help you with this kind of map:


(preview of Assault map)

  • first of all before anything happens open shop and buy items because if you leave your spawn point you can't return to it. This is maybe one of most often mistakes that players can make, resulting enemy's first blood
  • second thing that is really necessary for this map is Salvation (this item gives you mana and heals you and your allies around you once activated)
  • there is no need to ward in assault game
  • Victory is achieved by defeating titan, when you leave the titans line of sight or area it will travel, it will replenish base of 1000 health and a percentage of what was dealt.



  • Buff/objectives info:
    • Mana buff (which gives a 10% cooldown reduction and 5 mana per second for 2 minutes) 
    • Damage Buff(which gives 20% attack power or magical power, if you are magical damage you get +10, if you are physical damage you get +5 for 2 minutes)
    • Attack speed buff(which gives 15% attack speed magical basics do +15 damage, physical basics do +12 for 2 minutes)
    • Protection debuff aura(which gives an aura 55 units around the god that holds it to any enemy god, it reduces all protections by 10 each)
    • Speed buff(which gives 20% movement speed buff for 2 minutes)
    • Fire Giant buff(Which grants +70 magical power, +50 physical power, 4% hp5(Health per 5 seconds) 2% mp5(Mana per 5 seconds), and increases damage verses towers and phoenixes by 20% for 4 minutes.) Spawns at 10:00
    • Apophis(Which grants 50 magical power and 30 physical power, enemy gods hit by your abilities take 2% of their health over the next 4 seconds.) Spawns at 10:00 and does damage to enemies in range.
    • Bull Demon buff(This buff grants 4% hp5 and 2% mp% for 90 seconds) 
    • Gold fury(This objective gives gold on defeat, and it starts at a small base gold amount and over time works its way up. to a larger amount)


Hopefully this helps anyone who is having trouble on any specific map (hopefully it will be fully complete soon after season 4 comes out I have to understand the meta and explain it the best I can once it is out)

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