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New to Hardcore? Read ME!


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Welcome to OD Hardcore!

Not to be a broken record but welcome to Hardcore(or as I like to call it Darkcore since we are the Dark Side and we have cookies). Hardcore is no different from Softcore in that you have to progress through the game like always and doing the same quests over and over to where the monotonous grind towards 99 drives any sane player to the brink of insanity. The lone difference is that Softcore allows you the luxury of being careless, reckless or otherwise go where no Amazon has gone before(up Diablo's ass... sorry lost my composure... anyways where was I...). Namely when it comes to Hardcore, 2 men enter(you and the demon), 1 man leaves(you or the demon(lets try to make it you 100% of the time shall we?))


Getting Started!

Generally speaking, the best classes on Hardcore are Amazons(specifically Javazons) due to their ability to basically clear a room with a few shots, Paladins(due to their flexibility in builds(Hammers, Zealers, etc.), Auras and the fact they're the best at achieving MAX BLOCK) and Necromancers(Summon Necro's in particular can walk the game. Plus Curses and CE are great to have). Barbarians are an option but they require gear to really shine(BO Barbs are often sought though, hence if you intend to make one I would do so with BO in mind). Assassins(specifically Trappers) are also decent but require an Infinity and Enigma to really shine. You can also go Sorceress but do note that they're very brittle, hence its HIGHLY recommended that you pair up with a Barbarian(for BO) or another class to gain some extra help/protection. I'll throw Druids into the same category as Sorceress, except you have the luxury of summoning wolves and bears to protect you. Plus Oak Sage, like Battle Orders, is highly welcomed on Hardcore(can't have enough LIFE).


Now after you've chosen your class and have a brand spanking new level 1 character, what do you do? Well, if you're a seasoned veteran you could get GRushed to Hell but assuming that's not an option or you prefer not to be level 1 in Hell Difficulty with 1 life to give, let's go the traditional route. Before you start, try and see if anyone has some starter gear available. Having some gear to start with can go a long way in progressing as you'll have something to put onto your character as you level up(and having gear on hand ready to go is much better than having to farm it from scratch. If its the start of Ladder, then that's different and you'll have to rely on what you find but then you should be playing with other OD members if that is the case). Starting Gear includes Sigon set, Iratha set, Ravenclaw Bow*(I'll explain why below), Spirit Swords, Vipermagi and Twitch Armor just to name a few. If possible, try and play with a fellow OD member(or more). That way if in the event one of you happens to die, you can salvage their loss by looting their corpse. Looting a corpse only applies to gear that was equipped. Anything that was on the Merc or in the inventory is lost(hence Torch, Anni and any charms. Keep that in mind when making a character).


The traditional route on Hardcore is to join Enchant games. What is an Enchant game you ask? Enchant games are public games where a Sorceress Enchants your character. Enchant, as you may already know, buffs your character with Fire Damage and a big boost to your Attack Rating. If you're lucky enough to get starter gear from a fellow OD member, one of the items in a Starter Pack is a RavenClaw Bow. Why a RC Bow you ask? Well for starters it gives you the ability to attack from afar, hence keeping the baddies away from you and increasing your survivability considerably. Furthermore, RC fires Explosive Arrows. Explosive Arrows are equivalent to an Amazon's Exploding Arrow(or a Sorceress Fireball in Arrow Form) and when combined with Enchant basically gives you the ability to unleash Fiery death from afar, hence gaining gobs of Experience since you're doing the killing blows in as much as an 8 player game.


Enchant games, as well as any public game for that matter, are a prime target of Public PKers. Necromancers(Primarily Summoners), Amazons(GA or Java), Sorceresses(Blizz or Hydra) and even Assassins(Trap) are often classes utilized by people with nothing better to do than screw with other people(often hacking/modding to do so). Be very vigilant for players who don't pp right away(they often are PKers). If you happen to find yourself hostiled, immediately exit the game so as to give yourself the best opportunity to survive. If you happen to fall victim to a PKer, please report them to OD Leadership with the character name and account name if possible. If you wish to limit or avoid PKers, play with fellow OD members in private games. A PKer can't kill you if they can't join your game.


Level 45... now what?

Once you hit level 45, you have a few options. 1) You can get rushed straight to A5 Hell or 2) You can move onto Nightmare and walk it until you're ready to move onto Hell(wherein you can get Hell rushed). Either way works but many opt for option #1 since well... we're impatient. The reason I recommend you level to 45 is because your chances of not being killed when being rushed rise substantially as opposed to being level 1(where your margin of error is literally nothing). Once you hit A5 Hell, you'll have to chaos by leeching. Whenever you're being rushed or following in a run, never enter a TP when a person says 2. 2 on HC means the TP is dirty or HOT with lots of monsters around the TP. Wait until TPer says 1. 1 means its clean or clear and you can safely enter. OD members will never deliberately put up a dirty TP(Its a BM move to do so and can lead to consequences possibly resulting in Expulsion from the clan). When leeching on Chaos, be sure to stay well behind the runners. You want to leech, not to attract the attention of the enemy. You can be up to two screens away and still gain experience so keep that in mind when you're leeching on a run. When you're at 60, you can do Ancients. Be sure to stand as far away as possible. Let you're friends in OD kill your Ancients while you focus on living. On Baal runs, its best to either stand by the TP or one of the pillars so as to be shielded from projectiles but be aware of your surroundings. Oftentimes on wave 2, Dolls or Souls will be resurrected, hence they can end things really quick if you're being careless.


I'm level 75 but I need gear. What do I do?!

We in OD are here for one another. Best you check to see if there isn't some free gear lying around since in addition to starting gear, we also try to collect end-game gear for people to use. This is due to the attrition of Hardcore where despite our best efforts, we die and need to replace items that we've lost. If you're fortunate to have a JSP account with some Forum Gold, another option is for you to buy some HC gear(yes HC gear is bought and sold just like SC gear. Its just much more expensive). If all else fails, you can MF in Nightmare and Hell for gear, doing boss run after boss run. Note: Take care in Mephisto runs. Stygian Dolls have the uncanny ability to get killed by your Merc when Teleporting. The resulting explosion doesn't harm the Merc but it DOES harm you so either remove your Merc's Weapon or be sure to stack the DR and Vitality/Life.


General Tips for Hardcore

Survival >>>>> Damage. Having 14k+ Hammers may seem spectacular but means jack if De Seis and his minions rape you to death because your DR was 0. Try to have as high DR as possible(if not above the cap of 50). If you have to choose between Spirit or Stormshield, go with Stormshield. Also push for max Resists, if not above the 75 cap and max block(a block can really save your life. Do remember that Block drops when running). Items that raise the cap(like TGods, Hotspurs, or Guardian Angel) are highly recommended since it increases your survival significantly. Absorb items, notably TGods and Absorb rings for example, are also highly recommended.

Never enter a TP unless you see 1 from the TPer. If there's a TP and you don't see 1, ASK. Remember OD will never dirty TP.

Play with OD members and if all else fails private games solo. Private games limits your exposure to PKers.


PS: @Vanity(OD) This to your liking? :D

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5 minutes ago, Vanity(OD) said:

This looks amazing man. Thanks so much :)  ... wish you had jsp... hint hint

You'll come to find that I'm as stubborn as William Wallace(and yes I'm part Scottish... I forget what Clan though(it'll come to me in time but I remember the emblem and color sucks lol)).

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TPPKs and Townkillers

Lately alot of people have died to Townkilers or TPPKers.

So I'm going to list some tips to prevent these things.


1.  Anything FREE Is a trap. - If you join a public game called "Free items" and you think "Oh im safe, im in town".  You are not.  There is a glitch that utilizing an act1 merc and standing near town you can get hit/killed by the mercs attack.  This does NOT require any kind of program to achieve, you just simply need to know the trick.


2. TPPK's - Hydra Sorcs/Trap Sins/Summoning Necros - All are not to be trusted as all can easily tppk.

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  • 5 months later...

Who do we talk to about getting the starter kit?

Coming into the ladder a bit late this time around.

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