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    Hey everyone! The overwatch division is really taking off, but we're not done yet! Our population is on the rise and what's better to keep it going than to bring people in through events? Events have 2 purposes.

1) The obvious one: Everyone loves events/competitions/friendly comraderie between members. They're tons of fun and help everyone get better. The quickest way to get better is to face people better than you, and the current members in the OW division are eager to help fellow members improve their game while still having fun playing Blizzard's greatest invention.

2) Recruitment: Everyone, including Bedr(OD), knows that the best way to recruit people is to host inhouses. When the LoL division was dead Bedr(OD), Onee(OD), and I got people back into the division by offering inhouses. When recruiting someone in OW, what are you guna say? "Hey, wanna join an online clan I'm in?" Unless that person already had an interest in online clans, it's highly doubtful they will take you up on your offer. You're more likely to get called names for some reason. However, if you were to say something like, "Hey [KittyDestroyer420NoScope], you were the best zarya I've ever had. I'm in this clan called Clan OD where we have Inhouses every [Tuesday] and [$5] tournaments every Thursday. We could really use you. What do ya say?" The [text]'s are placeholder/examples. I have 5 active recruits, and one disabled recruit, and the reason 5/6 of them joined was because I told them about our inhouses.

So, with all this in mind, help me help you/your friends have a great time in the OD Overwatch division by letting me know what days would work best for you. 

If you have a specific time, like say "I can only play Tues/Thurs from 6-9 EST, please leave a comment and let me know! The goal of this thread is to leave nobody out unless it's absolutely necessary. Also, if you have suggestions on what events you would like to see take place, TELL ME! That kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated! i.e. Do you want friendly 6v6 inhouses? 3v3 inhouses? 1v1 tournaments? 3v3 tournaments? 6 man gaming sessions? Again, let me know in a comment!
Thank you all for reading/voting/commenting/helping the OD Overwatch division be the best it can be! 

Bones(OD) - The hostess with the mostess

I got mad pull - Bones ;)

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Great post im available practically every night of the week this will give everyone and accurate  representation of when we can host the upcoming Pharra event i have planned :) so post up!

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Is there still anything going on with overwatch? I've messaged a couple people in TS a few times but haven't gotten through with anyone yet. I'd be interested in playing with you guys whenever you do so :)

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