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Clan Administration compare to Division Administration


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The Clan and Divisions

Obviously the Clan itself is the center of everything in our community, and however independent they might be, all Divisions are still a part of the Clan. That said, as many of you have probably noticed, Divisions are allowed to run themselves to some pretty great extents. This is not by accident, aside from being a courtesy to those who put their heart and souls into creating the Division, the main reason is because it is too difficult for a single body to micro-manage these many different aspects of the Clan. Therefore the governing body of our Clan sets down those universal rules that must be followed, and the Divisions are allowed to run themselves the rest of the way as they see fit.

This is exactly why, in the US, there is also a Federal Government and a State Government for each of the states, and you can draw a direct parallel between that system and our system. The ruling body of our Clan, in which our Generals are the highest representation, generally respects the freedom of Divisions to run themselves and determine their own policies. But just as a Federal Government can, the central administration of our Clan DOES have the authority to overrule the administration of a Division if it deems necessary.


The definition and purpose of a Division Leader

(Added December 11, 2016 in accordance with the changes set in the December, 11 2016 Admin Meeting)

A Division Leader is the person, or in some cases people, recognized by the Clan as being responsible for maintaining and developing the Division, and seeing to the needs of the members in their Division. Typically this starts with the individuals responsible for creating the Division, but this can be passed on to "successors" if the founders eventually move onto other things.

Division Leaders are entitled to set the rules, standards, and preferences for how their Division is run, and in the case of multiple Division Leaders, if they are all below General rank then they are considered to have equal authority in their Division. However when a General (or Commander) is present and participating in leadership, the Clan defers authority and responsibility to the highest-ranking General there. This takes place at any time in which a General becomes a part of a Division's Leadership, whether the General requested it or the original Division Leaders offered it. This allows a General to guide the development of a Division with their experience, or to rescue a Division that is struggling or whose Division Leaders are failing to uphold their responsibilities.


In the rare case in which other Division Leaders have reason to dispute the highest-ranking General's authority over their Division, they can bring their concerns to another General of the Clan and their situation will be reviewed on the General's Board by all Generals, who will decide the most appropriate way to handle it.


General intervention powers

(Added December 11, 2016 in accordance with the changes set in the December 11, 2016 Admin meeting)

Regardless of whether a General is part of a Division or not, all Generals have the authority to overrule decisions or rules made by Division Leaders (below their rank) if there is reasonable justification to do so. Such as if it is something that violates the rules or tenants of the Clan itself, if it is something that would damage the reputation of the Clan, or if it is something that will or is causing a definitive problem. A General's responsibility is to the integrity of the Clan, and there are virtually no restrictions placed upon them when it comes to maintaining that integrity.


This doesn't mean a General gets to redefine a Divisions way of doing things on the fly, we don't trample on a Divisions right to govern itself without reason, but we can if its considered necessary for the Clan, that's our job as Generals.



Clan Hierarchy and Division Hierarchy

Divisions are permitted to organize themselves and the responsibilities within them as they prefer, as long as it does not conflict with the hierarchy of the Clan itself. This includes assigning any particular roles, in-game ranks, or the "Division Moderator" channel group that the Division Leader(s) wishes to bestow on individuals they want to moderate their Teamspeak channels or who play instrumental roles within their Division. These individuals have responsibilities and authority inside the game itself related to their roles (i.e. Someone in charge of hosting an event are allowed to enforce the rules of their event, and can dismiss people from participating if they aren't abiding by those rules)

However this does not give them authority over people of higher ranks within the Clan itself, which includes the Teamspeak. So, sorry, but being a Warlord rank in your in-game guild doesn't mean you get to boss around Officers of the Clan, even if they are in your Division channels.

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This topic has been updated with the latest changes made to Division Leadership in the December 11, 2016 Admin Meeting. If anyone feels there is an error in this information feel free to notify me by PM. The definition of "Co-Leader" positions and their roles is presently still under revision and will be finalized in the January Admin Meeting.

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