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Welcome To The Diablo II Division

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Welcome to the Diablo II division forums


This thread will contain all the information you need to know about our division, and will be updated frequently.

Here is a brief welcoming



Welcome, here are a few things that you should know.

As a new trial member or recruit to the Diablo II division we welcome you to our community. As a member we hope you will strive to be Good mannered, active, and overall have a positive experience with our members. As part of our community you'll be invited or messaged about events that will be upcoming such as Ironmans, Walkthroughs, LLD, and pretty much anything else we can think of that might be fun for our members to do together.


We do have a Discord server that is open to the public  and we encourage members to use it and login with their OD tagged named as it is on site. The Discord server ip to login to the server is   https://discord.gg/QP57wVh

The information posted in this spoiler was taken from Pig's post Welcome to Diablo II Division With slight modification

Interested in joining or becoming a recruiter? Here is a step by step process that recruiters can follow, as well as those wanting to join.


All recruiting should take place in channel op sassy. We have a recruit bot there to assist you and keep us on the same page. All recruiters need to be added to this bot and use the command .def 1 up to .def 16. Here is the list of the recruit steps:

1=First off welcome to Clan Overdosed! We are a welcoming community and we welcome all into the clan, the new, the old, the bad and the good.
2=Do you use any mods bots or hacks? OD is a GM and legit clan and we have 0 tolerance for any 3rd party programs. Dual clanning is also not allowed.
3=Clan OD keeps track of all our members past and present. Our website contains info on our rules and members. Ranks, trial periods and votes are all recorded here.
4=Once approved you will be on "trial" for 14 days in which you will be voted on by other members.You cannot ask for votes so hang out in channel and game with us for your votes.
5=Promotions are automatic every 7 days with activity up to staff sergeant. After that it will be up to your peers and leaders to promote you based off performance.
6=You will need to make a new account with (OD) at the end of your name. This is the name you will use at the site and in game.
7=Account name should not have more than 12 letters ending with (OD) in caps. 12 letters max will allow for multiple accounts ending with (OD)1 etc.  
8=Now please go to our website, Overdosed.net and click "register" fill out required info and add your recruiter and submit. Make sure you put Diablo2 as your main game. Must use your own email when registering.
9=Make sure to read all the rules there after you've registered. Also you can read about our clan history and our members.
10=Once all this is completed your recruiter will approve you.
11=We have a forum site as well, you will need to make account there too using same name. You can find it by clicking forum from Overdosed.net website. Make a post there introducing yourself.
12=Download Discord if you can.This is where most people communicate and will make your stay more enjoyable.  Discord.overdosed.net is our server.
13=Now its time to make your new D2 account. Character names need to be formatted like this: OD-yourname. Ok bring your new character back to this channel so you can set up your player profile.
14= Right cick on your char and in the description add this info: Recruiter: "Your recruiters name" then press enter and type Date Recruited: "todays date" press enter then type Rank: Trial Member. Then press ok.
15=If you encounter any problems reach out to Sassy, PoPs, Purplez, or any other person that is warrant officer or higher.
16=Welcome to our community! During your trial period, please log into the site every day or so.  Type /home clan od to set your home channel.


Defs 21 through 36 are translated in French!

What they will have to do once everything is explained to their understanding and all questions
have been answered.
Send them to the site and have them click "Register" at the top (pic)

They will then be taken here to fill these things out (pic self explanatory) make sure main game is correct before accepting their application, and make sure they put you (the recruiter) as their recruiter DO NOT ACCEPT APPS FROM PEOPLE YOU HAVEN'T TALKED TO!

After they hit apply it will show a brief description of the things you went over, have them hit apply again (pic)

Then there is the quiz, easy 5 seconds to complete (pic with hint)

Final page (pic)

You will then receive the application under your recruitment console, make sure everything is in order and then accept it.

You have now successfully recruited someone! =]

But the process does not end here! As a recruiter it is your job to look after your recruit, answer their questions as they go through our ranks and teach them everything they need to know to succeed within the clan.
Help from Aerineth(OD) Original post made by Onee(OD)

Here are our Rules and Regulations


Diablo II Rules & Regulations
All of the rules labeled here will be upheld at ALL times, whether they’re in game, in the channel, in ventrilo, or on the site/forums.

1. All OD Rules are applicable within the Diablo 2 division, and none will be broken.
a. The OD Rules can be found here - https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/Please do not ask for fg or post donation requests in the main channel.

Any and all violations of these rules can be reported to any Officer, Senior Officer, or General. When you bring a report of any of these rule violations, bring enough proof with you. Proof can be anything from a Screenshot, recording, date and time (If it happened in the clan channel. The ops owners can check their logs.).

Currently, the users you can report rule violations are as follows:

Division D2 lead Generals:
Major General Sassy(OD)
Lt. General PoPs(OD)

Major General Purplez(OD)



Brigadier General Rich(OD)

Brigadier General MooMoo(OD)

Senior Officers:



This post was originally made my Aerineth(OD)

Interested in joining our Runs Squad? Read more about it here!


Runs Squad

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen ,I wanted to bring you a revised runs squad up date.

Do you want to be a part of the amazing crew that does runs? Then here's your chance to join the run squad and stand up and take the initiative in hosting live runs for your clan mates and people who will follow your runs.

Doing runs is a good way to show that you are active and dedicated to the clan and also a way to bring in possible new recruits that may want to join a gaming community like clan OD.

If you are logged into the runbot and doing runs...then you must be the one doing the runs...teleporting and getting to baal or thru chaos is your responsibility.

For your runs to count you must add both  channel run bots (ODruns and OD-runs) to your friends list. And be added to the run bots list of runners. after which you will login (.login) after you have done your runs and are ready to stop runs just (.logout)

runs/ ranks

50 - Fresh runner

100 - Journeymen

200 - Super runner

300 - Epic runner

400 - Elite runner

500 - Godly runner

600+ - Legendary runner

Rules for the run's squad:

Are the same as clan rules but here are a few.

1. No logging on to run bot and follow some one else's runs to count for your runs.

2. If you are playing scl or hcl you can pass word it if spam bots are preventing people from following your runs. But it is wise to do a few public runs before pass wording and let your followers know you are going to password it and say clan od to follow runs . the password is always OD .And if you have a problem with someone pkin your run's after you put Password OD on your run's then write down there account name and find a officer or colonel or major they can warn that person an then if they continue they will be kicked and if necessary banned from channel.

3. Please when you are doing run's in public channel ." Welcome to clan OD runs" , and when the run is over,advertise our channel "clan OD for more legit runs!"

4.Always remember you represent the clan so NO BM.

5. There will be a 25 minimum of run's to the runs squad to stay a member of the runs squad.


6.  Chant games can also be advertised using the same naming guides of ODchant1 etc.  Chant games do not count in run totals.


7.  PVP games can also be advertised using the same naming guides of ODPVP1 etc.  PVP dueling games do not count in run totals.

If you need more information about the run squad .Please feel free to pm the following people :



This post was made by WindSTorMS(OD)



Edited by Purplez(OD)
updating to reflect changes

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looking gooooodddddddddddddddd kodee very nice indeed now you got it set out right good job :D:D

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What it looks like to me Onee. Just gotta hit reveal.


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This topic is now marked as resolved and has been moved to the Trash can. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed or finished please get in contact with a forum moderator.

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This needs to remain in the Diablo 2 division unless you're going to create a new and updated one. All divisions are required to retain a thread like this in their division forum. Took me forever to find this thread.... I'll be going through other divisions who don't have it either so you aren't the only ones.

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Oh boy this is old. ill try and work on some updated information for that intro thread

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1 minute ago, ogPoPs(OD) said:

Oh boy this is old. ill try and work on some updated information for that intro thread


Thanks man! Appreciate it!

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Great job pops id wondered where this had gone too because when new members ask if they was guild line about things id say yes but they could never find it thanks cookie @Aerineth(OD)for finding this again you make our life so much easier lol :) 

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Excellent work @ogPoPs(OD)! We all appreciate your tireless work ethic and dedication to the team! And thank you @Aerineth(OD) for never forgetting your roots :), and your overall passion for this brilliant organization!!


..and as always thank you @Sassy for your faithful service and incomparable talent as our top recruiter! Don't ever lose that sass!!



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Wow, my bad!  I never knew this post was here until today.  I've recruited 5 people now and this would have been soooooooo helpful to be able to refer to.  It seems to me that a lot of recruits have trouble with the overdosed.net registering process and having gone through it only once myself when I joined, their questions were hard to answer without another OD member in the channel with the answers.  I realize that all Divisions have to have a section like this, however, a tiny suggestion would be to have a subforum for Recruiters where you direct people who are new to recruiting.  I would also suggest that since we try to help all members get their new character up and running, perhaps Discos and others who perform classic rushes write up a small informational part so the new recruiter can explain it's availability to D2 members.  Remember, not everybody knows the benefits to Crushes.  I do because I used to play it, but the recruits I've talked to mostly don't know about it.  

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New to the Clan, joined up on 23rd Feb, and just now today found this here thread.  🙂


Looking at the pinned threads above this thread, I had to ask myself is any of them needed to be above this one?  My personal opinion is that this thread should be put on top, so that it is the first one folks see, and therefore likely read first, lol.  I'm shocked that no one has posted in this for over two years, and yet I cannot be the first new member to join since then.  Anyway, my suggestion is that putting this thread on the very top might be best, along with coming up with a systematic way to get all new members to at least explore the forums a bit more and earlier.  Just my 2¢.

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