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Division Leader Setranks


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Squad leaders who successfully develop their Squad into a Division have the opportunity to receive a Setrank.

When a Squad is voted into a Division during an Admin meeting, there are two points in which a Division Leader can potentially receive a setrank to a higher rank.


The first: If the Division Leader is below the rank of Warrant Officer, the Admins in the Admin meeting will take a vote on whether that individual will be setranked to Warrant Officer 1 rank. This vote will take place immediately after the decision to make the Squad into a Division, and only Officer ranked members and higher are eligible to place a vote on their rank.


The second: During the Admin Meeting following the next month after, if the member is a Warrant Officer rank a vote will take place in the Admin meeting to determine a setrank to MWO5. If the Division Leader did not succeed with their first setrank to WO1 and are not a Warrant Officer yet then their setrank vote will be to consider them for WO1 a second time. If they did not succeed on their first setrank to WO1, but have managed to be promoted to Warrant Officer ranks since then, the setrank vote will consider them for MWO5.


Why do we give Setranks?

There are two primary reasons we offer an opportunity for setranks to Division Leaders. The first is because we want to encourage members to try their hand at forming Squads and leading them into successful Divisions, because the more Divisions we have the more prosperous OD becomes, and for that same reason we want to recognize and reward the hard work involved in leading a Squad into a Division. The second reason is because higher ranks do give Division Leaders the power to run their Divisions a bit easier.

But higher ranks do come with power, and the Clan will not hand out power to those it feels are not capable of handling it responsibly. Which is why a vote takes place instead of just automatic setranks.


How can I best improve my odds of receiving said setranks?

Ranks come with power and responsibility, even seemingly simple powers can still be abused problematically if not used in a responsible manner. A member who demonstrates they are mature, pro-active, respectful of others, active and involved in the Clan, and level-headed (i.e. they don't get temperamental or emotional) are far more likely to have the support for their setranks. Conversely, members who have troubles getting along with others or whom the Admins feel are not ready or have yet to demonstrate that they've earned the trust that comes with that rank are much less likely to receive that setrank.

This idea was proposed by Tris(OD) and agreed upon during the Admin Meeting of November 15, 2015.




Inheriting a Division

If an Enlisted member inherits a Division from previous Division Leaders who are moving on or are no longer available, they are eligible for these same setrank opportunities but must wait an additional month before they apply. In other words they are NOT eligible for any setrank in the next Admin Meeting following the change of power, but the Admin Meeting following the month after they can be voted on for a setrank to WO1, and the month after that can be voted on for MWO5. In all cases this only applies if they are the sole Division Leader who has inherited the rights and responsibilities as being the "original" leader.

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