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Tera Online

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Hello there!

As some of you would know I have recently started up a Tera squad around 2 weeks ago. Why I didn't start a Forum topic sooner you might ask?
I wanted to have something to show for my squad, which will hopefully grow into a division in the near future. "B-but Archie, what do you have to show for Tera?!"

The guild was made on the 11th of October, and so far I have around 120 guild members in game, 15 of which who have signed up on the website, currently that may

be a so-so number, but I'm trying to make it more interesting for members that do sign up to the website. In game, guilds allow the guild master, *flips hair* me, to make

ranks for the guild in a certain character limit. So what I have decided to do is give members that do signup to the website a funny guild rank, just for keks. The guild ranks

so far from highest power to lowest:

1) Guild Master

2) Master of Memes
3) Captain Kush
4) Junkie Sergeant
5) Trippin Balls
6) Meme Lord
7) Officer
With these ranks, I hope to encourage guild members in game to register on the website, and if they don't, they will eventually gain these ranks anyways. For the Teamspeak
in Tera, I am currently trying to push more people onto Teamspeak because everyone in the guild is as laid back as me and doesn't really want to do anything (totally relatable).
If anyone in the clan from other games has any interest in Tera feel free to leave me a message on the website or just hop into Teamspeak and ask someone for where the
Indian guy is (I recommend Chrishodge).
Thank you!
Edited by Archie Hawk

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Every bit what I would imagine a Squad led by you to look like. You've done a good job though Archie, I suspect it will be a successful Division if you continue that level of commitment to it.

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Archie, you are doing a fantastic job and have impressed me, we will talk tonight again my friend.

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