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PvP elite tryouts lets set a time guys lets get active

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we all have had a few months in this ladder to get builds gear and skill up . lets put it to the test . im down anytime to help / improve / learn / kill time with any of ya . if ur not a member and want to join this post is for you we need this group to flourish and thrive. its a friendly way to release stress with friends when pvm has got boring i know im at that point already lol whos with me ??

- if u wanna join post up

- if u need help deciding on a pvp toon and help with gear post up

- if u wanna practice and refine your skill at duels post up

- lets try and get a ladder going ( we will need alot of members to get this done lets do this thing )

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im going to move this to the Elite subforum.

Also there is a pinned topic that can be utilized for applications i will unlock it so it can be used instead of people having to post a new topic for applications.

Good luck to everybody :)

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So wait, what are we doing. And when.

If there are tryouts for the SCNL, lemme know. I got's a commander for some duels with us too. As for hardcore, I'll 1v1 ANYONE, RITE MEOW any day or time. I didn't have the 20 hours needed to finish my immortal, so let me know. :o

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id like to kick start this group back up and running i think it is something we need in the D2 division ... id like to get as many ppl to come try out .. id like to start a weekly practice night or time .. eventually get some events going among the pvp crew . i take pride in this and i would like to see the new members and old members join in it gives us another way to grow closer imo :)

id like to set a day up this week so if ur interested get at me and well set up a time to get it going see you all there

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