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On 1/7/2019 at 6:31 PM, Knite said:

What up!?!? So I just made a PoE account and started playing... Currently level 32 witch and really enjoying the complexity and depth of this game... Its pretty amazing coming from D3 where you pick a class, run the set build and if your care about anything that resembles progressing you are one of a handful of builds. This game seems like progression will be similar in play, but much different than just running GRs at ever increasing numbers.


Oh... The name is Knitestalker and I'm in the Betrayal league.


Also, need an in-game invite to the guild please 😉

@Triny(OD)  or @Townkill(OD)can you watch out for that guy plz my lovelies 🙂 

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There is a guild Bill runs it, its not very active at the moment tho alot of us play HC

i am not atm and  if you apply to the POE squad he is our CO

You wont believe this one but my IGN is:   Lacer

3 hours ago, Chknwg1(OD) said:

day one

Should I be doing something as far as getting someone's attention in game? I haven't heard anything or been contacted in game and its been a while. Perhaps I'm just "doing it wrong" in PoE?? Do you need my in-game name or the account name to contact me or send the in game guild invite? Up to lvl 62 now, rerolled at 20 and then again at 38... PoE skill tree is def different and respecing seems like... well, just reroll... haha!

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I got a in-game invite on Tuesday, so I'm good! 🙂 Was in a group with other OD members for a sec, but they were JUST ahead of what I was working on in act 7, so I popped out of the group to finish up and get to Act 8. 

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I recently downloaded POE to give it a try:


 Account Name = Compfreak(OD)

1st toon name = Comp_Bow


I am working on a ice ranger currently, so hit me up in game or on TS if you want to run together or have any tips / tricks for me 😉

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