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Path of Exile Usernames


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Ninjafitz(OD)= Ninjafitz

Zeph(OD)= Nachturne

Wilsonnn(OD)= Wilsonnn

Rowlf(OD)= Capgras

Shixax(OD)= Shixax

Mr. Rogers(OD)-Kamahhl




HukaMuka(OD)- HukaMukaOD


Knytul(OD)- Knytul

xRzarectahx(OD)- xRzarectahx

R913(OD)- Rennigan

I will update this when you add your username

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My char name is ODAerineth (Kind of backwards but oh well xD) I'll try to be spending a little more time over here on PoE. Hit me up anytime. I'm currently in the beginning of act 2. Lol

I've made many... to keep my name and characters ready.

Aerineth and I will be working on PoE. Lets get this party started..

I have updated my friend list. I added everyone on this page.. so Please reply to my invite and accept.

Thank you.

Current name:

ScarletOD = I made a bitch!!

I mean.. a Witch!! :ph34r:

Ok all.. let's have some fun.. hit me up.. on PoE...

and for better contact. or to game. Hit me up on Ventrilo

or Aim = OverdosedSpirit7


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didnt see this thread at first and posted one of my own *oops* lol. either way if peoples would like to add me Im more than willing to do what I can to help those in need.

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