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Tater's guide to HCL

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It is a cheezy but an effective way to survive the horrid thing that is called Hard Core.

  1. Best thing's to remember is never leave town without potions a mercenary and a friend.
  2. Try not to get surrounded by mob's, always try to lure them away from other baddies.
  3. All way's try to have Max block(or a good % at least 50% but max is recommended).
  4. Max Resistances go along way in helping you survive.
  5. Having as much life as possible is always a plus so lots of Charms with +life on them charms are your friends.
  6. Upgrading your gear as much as possible magical/rare/unique/rune words.
  7. Bring your Faster hit recovery to Breaking point i recommend 86 at least others may say less or more but i find it a good base.

I all way's try to make sure i have someone in my game for if I do die they are able to loot my corpse (you must select the icon in the party screen which allow's them to loot you) so you do not lose everything but you only get to pick up what the person was wearing everything in the stash/inventory is all gone. But at least you do not have to totally re-gear. Even while walking the game try to look at your level try to see if your level adequate for the place you are if you must go back through an area to get more experience before going to the next are.

Also, going back through area's (mfing= magic finding) will help you find better gear to better equip your self with. If your having to much of a hard time in a certain area maybe try going back further to see if you can get better item's from that area. When you are playing like i have previously stated try to make sure you have a friend with you that should be able to help further the both of you past a certain area. Like say your lightning there fire you find an immune then they can kill it when you can't if there immune to both of you then your mercenaries should be able to handle them. Each person can play to each other's play style while still having fun with the build they wanted but sometimes to get past certain area's 1 person may have to sacrifice a skill point here and there to make it so you can get past an area.

As a good tactic to avoid being surrounded as I stated . When you run into a big group of monster's try to pick them off by trying to separate them from the other's or even running in hitting 1 a couple time's and running off. People call this luring the monsters out. If you find you are not able to take on a certain set of monster's then maybe it's time to update gear or even level higher so you are able to do more damage or even recruit a friend into your game to help out ^^.

Another way to survive is to all ways carry Full Rejuvenation Potion's i mean all ways!! Like recommended period to always have them on you when you can start crafting them or finding them. You may craft them by putting 3 Rejuvenation potions in the cube and transmuting them you get 1 Full rejuv. So when you take a big hit and get slammed you can get full life in a sticky situation.

As an experienced HCL player I still die occasionally die either it's to lag spike's/ tppkers(yes there still around here and there)// bnet dropping games/ or even dying because i'm being to brave and charging into monsters when i shouldn't be or even being in an area where i should not be yet. Or being silly and not allowing a friend to help me because im to stubborn to ask for help

I hope you find this guide helpful and give you some time to think about what you have been doing and can not figure out why you can not do certain thing's.

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My little Taterknight has grown up :D

I remember when you first started playing hcl with us back in the day hahaha fun times.

Good post bro. Ill be looking forward to gaming some HCL with yea after summer!!

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Something that gets overlooked a lot for the Sorcs out there MFing nm or hell mephisto:

Stygian dolls blow up and do lots of damage. Now most of us know this, but if you're tping through durance 2 and your merc is wielding a nice new insight (or anything with over a couple hundred damage) he can one shot a Stygian doll as you teleport over them. I consider myself a pretty skilled player, seeing as how I've been on D2 for more than ten years, but this has happened to me more than once when I think I have enough time to tank, my merc doesn't do enough dmg, etc.

Unequip those badass polearms before you tp :D

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