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Alright, As Many people know the Diablo 3 Beta was released for free this weekend.. it was extremely exciting and i enjoyed it greatly

here is the Review so far


8/10 ... It resembles alot Of World of Warcraft. and the sounds of D2 Are still present.. Its most certainly worth its 60 Dollor Face value as playing it


The Gameplay was great.. Minus some usless information the story and lore can take you on its rather exciting.. you can die very easily towards the last quest of act 1 but that is great.. all in all a 10/10 for gameplay

I did this Diablo 3 Beta with General Skyking and we had a blast playing it.. Unfortuently there was only the ability to play (1) Act of the game.. the Regin of the Black King.... After that it will tell you "Congrats you have beat the Diablo III Beta!" and then the game ends with you simply walking around looking for much to do

There are some great features the game already shows ... This includes an Auction house where gold is actully used (Sorry JSP Members, Looks like JSP might go sour with Diablo 3)

Not as Many Class skill for example.. I played Barberian and the skill are quite limited but creative and more fun... it takes alot more skill then it did in Diablo 3 to Manuvar around and kill without dying.. I can tell that after 10+ Levels it will get harder and harder..

All in all id give D3 a 9/10 Review.. the only point off is... Act 1 (Weather shorter in the Beta Or not) Was extremely short...) ... Me and Sky-King started playing at around 9PM Est... we Finished around 10:30.. this included breaks in between for bathroom food and etc.. We had commentary in Ventrilo with Snickers also.. The game all together was a great deal of fun

As for the Features.. It will 100% for sure be Division Material for Overdosed.. As it has several Party features including Real ID (Just like in WoW where you can add by email adresses)

Anyone else that has played the Beta.. Please we Insist you try it out.. its really fun. but be forewarned this really more of the less is a Demo then a beta.. There were not many glitches in the gameplay

My only Complaint was the Final boss being alittle difficult.. it took some serious Strats but me and Skyking Prevailed..

Also be on the look out for Lag at times.. its where your computer will load the world.. i had the problem occur little and rarely but i actully died because of it...

Enjoy everyone!

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I agree has almost the same feel as Wow but very fun to play. Im hoping this was just a very small sample of whats to come.

Graphics I thought were awsome so anyone thats gonna play make sure your graphics card is up todate.

Gameplay very easy most of the game the last quest seemed to be alittle more difficult all was fun.

I still have to play a couple of the other charactors yet I've played the Monk and the hunter alot of fun to play.

I'm sure we will see several patch's in the future hopefully the work in pvp soon.

Leveling seem alittle slow took a hour to get to level 8.

Overall its a thumb's up game i will be playing hopefully will bring alot of new members to Overdosed.

One more thing i noticed it would not let me make a (OD) account i got the error that i could not use special symbols maybe i screwed up ill play with it

more. :thumbsup:

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Yeah, the special characters didn't work for me either but I made my name ODsKilL. Pretty impressive game for a half hour I played. Still got more to see =p

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Thorrenden(OD) and I have all the chars maxed and now i am working on the Hardcore part of it... the crafting in the game is well done. Monk is the best char i found. 2nd best is the witch doctor ^^

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Overall, all I have to say is WOW!! Talk about a blast of nostalgia with a bunch of up-to-date twists and action. Keep in mind I have played this once until the open beta came out, but my experience wasn't as fresh then as it is now. Also note that I only managed to get some play time in with the wizard. So EVERYTHING about the gameplay was news to me.

Just when I thought Diablo's gameplay couldn't get any easier, it did. I guess to make this slightly interesting, I will post 10 things I really loved about this game, in no particular order:


1) ...that you no longer have to put in your stats at level up.

2) ...that you get bonus experience for doing quests as well as killing a bunch of monsters at once.

3) ...the graphics/design being completely up-to-date.

4) ...how we now know what happened to Adria (from Diablo I; yeah, I love the storylines, too!). This has been pissing me off for years.

5) ...that skills are one level, not 20 like in D2.

6) ...the high amount of combinations of skills one can use despite the one point per skill thing.

7) ...the extremely high re playability factor that made the previous games so amazing.

8) ...how the crafting is an upgrade to D2's gambling and how useful it can potentially be.

9) ...how I will likely not be able to choose which of the five characters I will play once the game is actually released.

10) ...that Diablo 3 truly is a game so easy that you can play it with just the click of a mouse (well, along with some keys on your keyboard and a healthy brain).


.. that I have to wait 3 weeks for the retail version! Luckily, I got my hands on a closed beta account from one of my friends. So I'm going to check out the other characters before the week is up, I guess. Already plowed through the beta again with the Witch Doctor since I started this post (I did the Wizard in open beta, finished typing this out now with the completion with the Witch Doctor). But it is pretty late and I have class in the morning.

In a nutshell, the game looks awesome from the beta, and I am certain it will only get better as the game goes on (once 5/15 arrives). All I know is that I am glad my second set of midterms will happen before this game is released, so gonna be prepared for some really late nights when I am not in school/working/doing homework. :P

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