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Community Meeting 3/20 7pm CST ×

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Not sure who knows me here since I haven't gamed with OD in a while... but since I'm coming back for D3 or CS: GO I figured I would show you what I'm to.

420 is at the end of the week... and we've made it a tradition to release a hip hop track or album every 4/20. I decided to put it up for download at the beginning of this week, then release another track featuring a few other artists on Friday.

Click the link to download Get High by The Speedometers


if you like it, 'Like' our page


Anybody doing something fun? Like maybe baking some cookies or somethin... :o

See ya guys on b.net soon whoop whooop

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Baller, me and my room mates are so excited for friday, we have our whole day planned out.. even though it involes staying in and smoking, but it shall be eventful!!

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Hehe, Jeremy you remind me of my cousins, and friends here =p

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I want to bake something, oh so bad.. but I want to find regs or mids to bake with, don't know where to get it.

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