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Found 7 results

  1. E.T.C the Rock God E.T.C (Elite Tauren Chieftain) is a heavy front-line hero who knocks around and stuns his foes while buffing his allies. He is able to leap anywhere on the battlefield. Damage 4/10 Utility 6/10 Survivability 9/10 Complexity 3/10 E.T.C has 3 abilities and a choice of two Ultimate's T Rockstar After E.T.C uses a basic or Heroic ability, he gains armor. This effect does not stack with itself Q Powerslide Slide to a location dealing damage and stunning enemies hit. W Face Melt Damage nearby enemies and knock them back E Guitar Solo Regenerates the health of E.T.C R1 Mosh Pit Channel to stun nearby enemies. R2 Stage Dive Leap to the targeted location, landing dealing damage to enemies within the area and slowing them. (Please note that Edits will follow Improving and providing more info. this is just a base outline)
  2. Uther the Lightbringer Uther heals allies, Stuns enemies and returns as a spirit to heal after dying Damage 3/10 Utility 9/10 Survivability 7/10 Complexity 2/10 Uther has 3 abilities and a choice of two ultimate's T Devotion, Eternal Vanguard Heroes healed by Uthers basic abilities gain armor. this effect Does Not stack with itself. Upon dying, Uther becomes Invulnerable spirit. While in spirit form, Uther can heal allies with Flash of Light Q Holy Light Heal target ally. When used on a target other then Uther Holy Light also heals Uther. W Holy Radiance Heal all allies in a line. Damages enemies caught in the line of Holy Radiance E Hammer of Justice Deal damage and Stuns the target R1 Divine Shield Make an allied Hero Invulnerable and increase their movement speed R2 Diving Storm Damage and stun nearby enemies (Please note that Edits will follow Improving and providing more info. this is just a base outline)
  3. Arthas the Lich King Arthas engages with his enemies directly, freezing and slowing them. He uses the power of Frostmourne to empower his attacks. Damage 6/10 Utility 5/10 Survivability 8/10 Complexity 4/10 Arthas has 3 abilities and a choice of two ultimate's T Frostmourne Hungers Activate to make Arthas's next Basic attack strike immediately. Deal increased damage and restores mana Q Death Coil Deal damage to targeted enemy. Can be self-cast to heal Arthas W Howling Blast Root enemies within the target area and deals damage E Frozen Tempest Deal damage per second to nearby enemies and slow their movement speed per second and stacking. Heroes hit also have their attack speed slowed also stacking. R1 Army of the Dead Summon Ghouls that deal damage. Ghouls can be sacrificed to heal R2 Summon Sindragosa Deal damage and slow enemies. Also disables non-Heroic enemies and structures (Please note that Edits will follow Improving and providing more info. this is just a base outline)
  4. Diablo the Lord of Terror Diablo is an Aggressive ability-driven hero who charges his enemies and uses fire and lightning to burn them them down. He gathers the souls of fallen enemies and uses them for resurrection. Damage 5/10 Utility 7/10 Survivability 9/10 Complexity 5/10 Diablo has 3 abilities and a choice of 2 Ultimate's T Black Soulstone Gain 10 souls per hero killed and 1 soul per minion, up to 100. for each soul, gain increased maximum health. If diablo has 100 souls upon dying, he will resurrect in 5 seconds but lose 100 souls Q Shadow Charge Charging an enemy, knocking them back, dealing damage and gaining armor reducing damage taken. If the enemy collides with terrain they are stunned and take additional damage W Fire Stomp Unleashes fire waves in all directions that deal damage. Once they reach maximum range they return dealing additional damage E Overpower Grabs the target and slams it behind diablo and shortly stunning them. R1 Apocalypse Create a demonic rune under each enemy hero on the battleground. the rune explodes dealing damage and stunning the enemies hit. R2 Lightning Breath Become Unstoppable while channeling lightning that damages over time. the direction of the lightning changes with the position of your mouse cursors position (Please note that Edits will follow Improving and providing more info on stitches. this is just a base outline)
  5. Muradin The Mountain King Muradin is a heavy front line Warrior who jumps around stunning his opponents. Damage 5/10 Utility 5/10 Survivability 9/10 Complexity 4/10 Muradin has 3 Abilities and a choice of 2 Ultimate's T Second Wind Muradin restores Health per second when he is out of combat Q Storm Bolt Throw a hammer damaging the first enemy hit and stunning them W Thunder Clap Blast nearby enemies damaging them and slowing them. heroes hit also have their attack speed reduced E Dwarf Toss Leap to your targeted location damaging enemies upon landing. gain Armour after landing R1 Avatar Transform gaining health R2 Haymaker Stun target enemy hero and wind up a punch damaging and knocking the target back hitting enemies in the way knocking them aside and damaging them (Please note that Edits will follow Improving and providing more info on stitches. this is just a base outline)
  6. Stitches the Terror of DarkShire Stitches is a heavy front-line fighter who can use his hook to drag enemies to him. Damage 6/10 Utility 10/10 Suitability 8/10 Complexity 4/10 Stitches has 3 Abilities and a choice of 2 Ultimate's. T Vile Gas When damaged Stitches emits a gas cloud that poisons nearby enemies Q Hook Pull the first enemy hit towards you W Slam Deals Damage to the enemies within the targeted area E Devour Deals large damage to non heroic units or moderate damage to heroes and restores Health to Stitches R1 Putrid Bile Emit bile that damages each second to enemies within the area and slows them. stitches gains movement speed while Putrid bile is active R2 Gorge Consume and enemy hero trapping them for a few seconds. when gorge ends the Hero is released. (Please note that Edits will follow Improving and providing more info on stitches. this is just a base outline)
  7. Who is your favorite guardian in the wonderful game of Smite? I would have to go with either... Ymir or Ares personally. Just depends on my mood/what game mode. What about you? -Magik(OD)
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