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Found 3 results

  1. Defiance#1272 Add that and we'll start up some Starcraft stuff until someone can push for divisions and stuff.
  2. So, before I joined this community here, I was informed by a friend who moved here to this community when I had this huge inactive moment; there was no Starcraft 2: LotV or any Starcraft 2 Division nor a leader to run it. Now by going through the forums about Starcraft 2, there are plenty of people who vote for it to go up. Not a legitimate vote; just a "I WANT IT NOW!" thing. To bring the channels to TeamSpeak. To bring competitive, Co-Op, Archon Mode, Team Archon, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, Ranked, Non, Arcade, Coaching Terran, Coaching Protoss, Coaching Zerg, etc. Starcraft has been in my life since 1998. I'm only 26 here. I took it in a competitive manner on the last season of HotS before the release of LotV. From there, I went from Bronze League to 1st in Diamond and then I stopped as soon as I got there. Knowing I could get into high Masters if I continued. Now the game has changed. I don't really want to be TOO competitive any more but I do know a lot with all three races; build timings, timing attacks, counters, proxies, mechanics, etc. My wall was covered in papers and sticky notes of everything I needed at that time. If so, I'm offering to step up to help the Starcraft 2 Division come alive. Have more activity in the forums, on TeamSpeak and anywhere else. If anyone wants this to be a thing, please let us all know. If there's anyone in power who approves of this, lets chat. -Corey / wtfcorey / Exiled / Defiance
  3. Hey everybody this is Tom also known as Caboose from Sc2 or TommmYv from xbox360 im super stoked to be part of OD a clan that wont die cause im here for the long run ive been in search of clans and they just randomly die or people get off and never come back so im super happy to have finally found a clan that is stable!!! im always on raidcall always in sc OD chat so you guys can always message me there if you ever wanna 1v1 play some arcade or even mess around in 3s im 22 so I don't got the squeaks this will be my 4th day as a trial member so if I get all my votes in ill be here for good if im not playing ladder or practicing im chatting with OD's seeing what there up to trying to get games going! I have a wife that I spend my nights with watching movies so most of the time I get off around 9-10pm im always on at 10am through most of the day so if you guys just wanna hang out or play a tough match up just message me and im always supporting the clan wars!!!
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