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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all its with great pleasure that i have an opportunity for someone to become a co leader with me in Starcraft 2. If you have been wanting to do more with clan involvement this is a great opportunity as it gives you the chance to see what happens behind the scenes. If you are interested the requirements are 1. Own Starcraft 2 (Duh) 2. you be of at least Sergeant Major in rank on the website 3. Being Active on the forums 4. Being Active in game 5. Having good communication skills to talk with clan members 6. Be able to Recruit new members to the clan If you meet these requirements and are interested in taking the opportunity please send me a msg or reply down below and ill get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration
  2. I am going to begin organizing our first ever game night but need to know who is interested and in what, most of what i have been asked about is arcade games, would anyone like to give their input as to when they would be available to play as well as what they want to play. I think an Archon tourney would be fun but would also think that making that a follow up to arcade night would be great, if we can get 8 of us together we could do large scale arcade games and maybe have a byob tag in there for all those able to drink. If we have enough people we could all get together and have a large tourney in arcade games like desert strike, we could even draft teams for it. Anyone interested or anyone with ideas please share :) GLHF, Opal(OD)
  3. ODSC has been made, request to join and i will accept you all :) GL HF
  4. Coming to realize that I will probably not get power of the old in game clan soon I would like suggestions as to the clan tag for the new overdosed team. TOvD was one of my thoughts but no idea what everyone else wanted.
  5. After a 5 hour grind and playing vs 4 masters players i have finally hit diamond. I cant express how salty 3 masters players got when they lost to a plat player. I played one of the masters 3 times in a row and he left the 3rd time as I had beat him both of our other games played, he sent a msg, "What kind of troll makes a smurf and sandbags into plat 75 games." All I can say is that this shows that you can reach any rank with hard work and dedication. Wonder if I can get all 3 races to diamond, maybe I should just aim for masters next. Now just to help all of the others in the clan to climb up in ranks, I can do replay analysis if anyone would like for the games I played today. Keep in mind this quote from Dehaka all my Zerg brothers and sisters, I do not need a wall, I will evolve armor. I do not need a weapon, I will evolve claws. -Dehaka The toolmakers might create something stronger than your armor and claws. -Kerrigan Their tools stay the same. I collect. I change. -Dehaka GLHF, Opal(OD)
  6. We will be hosting a byob viewing party for GSL VS The world event today, I am aware that it is at a terrible time for most people but anyone who would like to join in the 3AM MST/18:00 KST is welcome with open arms, I know it is late for most but SC2 in Korea doesnt account for American viewers :/
  7. We have all put in a ton of work to get here, with many players returning to sc2 and a lot of players who took time to help me recruiting and growing the squad we are now the newest division in OD. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all the support along the way I truly think that without the help of some amazing people I would not have been able to crush the 10 member challenge that i had in front of me. With the beginning of our division i would like to invite everyone to join me tomorrow for a viewing party of GSL VS The World http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/2017_GSL_vs._the_World . I will be trying to get a replay pack for it when the event is over for us to review but the event is 3 days long so we will have to watch all 3 days just as spectators :) Love you all, Opal(OD) GL HF
  8. So we see right now a hyper Terran Meta, they have a 70% win rate vs all other races and only seem evenly matched when vs other Terran players. So other than just cheesing into the new aggro mech Terran what should we do? My personal play-style is to go super greedy and just starve them by throwing units into them until they eventually cant take the flood of units but now that the cyclone all in is becoming increasingly popular i am struggling to even be able to get up to 4 base to fight them, add in the fact that a 2 base Terran gets more income than a 4 base Zerg and you have a very serious problem in trying to compete with the mobile mech armies that are popping up. How do you guys deal with this?
  9. Ok guys it is time, we are steady grinding for more people all the time but now need to see how many members are willing to claim SC2 as their main game. I have heard a few people say they wanted to be involved @wtfcorey and i know @PJPotter(OD) said he had a few people who would be down to play, but my question to you all is are you willing to claim it as your "Main game" in the clan. Sorry @rmorningstar don't think i mentioned you in the post as one of the people who had expressed interest. Here ya go :)
  10. This is what happens when I get bored...
  11. Starcraft is an amazing game that has many facets of play, I am aware that it has changed a lot since launch but at it's core it remains the same. If we only cater to laddering players it will be hard to grow and build a community. My current plans are to use a few different methods to gain people and build community. First and foremost starcraft is at heart a comparative game and should reflect that in any community based around it. Building a community based on self betterment and individual growth is the main goal, to do this we will organize viewing parties for GSL and WCS as well as helping lower rank players learn with replay analysis and in clan 1v1s. Second, starcraft is a social game with more than just ladder play. Arcade and co-op are a large portion of starcrafts community. Having players dedicated to arcade and co-op will help us grow our clan to be a more eclectic community, especially with competitive arcade games such as marine arena and dessert strike. Lastly, I am going to be working on recruiting and building events for everyone in the clan but will be going fairly blindly without any input from others and basically will build what I want to see in a clan for now. Being active in the forums about starcraft will be the best way to have an impact in the community as well as to show your love for the wonderful game that has made so many passionate gamers fall in love. Lots of love for you all, Opal(OD)
  12. So, before I joined this community here, I was informed by a friend who moved here to this community when I had this huge inactive moment; there was no Starcraft 2: LotV or any Starcraft 2 Division nor a leader to run it. Now by going through the forums about Starcraft 2, there are plenty of people who vote for it to go up. Not a legitimate vote; just a "I WANT IT NOW!" thing. To bring the channels to TeamSpeak. To bring competitive, Co-Op, Archon Mode, Team Archon, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, Ranked, Non, Arcade, Coaching Terran, Coaching Protoss, Coaching Zerg, etc. Starcraft has been in my life since 1998. I'm only 26 here. I took it in a competitive manner on the last season of HotS before the release of LotV. From there, I went from Bronze League to 1st in Diamond and then I stopped as soon as I got there. Knowing I could get into high Masters if I continued. Now the game has changed. I don't really want to be TOO competitive any more but I do know a lot with all three races; build timings, timing attacks, counters, proxies, mechanics, etc. My wall was covered in papers and sticky notes of everything I needed at that time. If so, I'm offering to step up to help the Starcraft 2 Division come alive. Have more activity in the forums, on TeamSpeak and anywhere else. If anyone wants this to be a thing, please let us all know. If there's anyone in power who approves of this, lets chat. -Corey / wtfcorey / Exiled / Defiance
  13. Hello peeps. aXis(OD) here from the Diablo 2 division. I had a dream this morning about playing Starcraft 1. On that note, I'll be organizing a Starcraft/Broodwar game night on a Friday or Saturday night in May on useast.battle.net. I was going to post this in the Diablo 2 section since Diablo & Starcraft share a server, but figured I'd throw it out to anyone who may be interested in playing. I'll do my best to dig up some old UMS maps and possibly organize a 1v1 and 2v2 tournament depending on participation. Dates to come, but for now I just need to see if there would be any interest in this. Thanks!
  15. Brinbran

    Hey Guys!

    Hey guys, my name is Brian. I'm a business major in American University, though I'm originally for the Los Angeles area. I have played starcraft brood war since I was 11 ever since my cousin who I visited in Korea taught me to play zerg. I like to backpack, play games (obviously) and eat/cook lots of food. I also have trained in mixed martial arts, jiujitsu, muay thai and wrestling/judo for years and if any of you guys want to chat about fights (including boxing) I'd be glad because I could talk about that for hours. Other games that I play : LOVE civ 5, used to play a lot of Company of Heroes, I have played dota 2 for a while but I haven't touched it since sc2. I'm a pretty competitive guy and I used to play CSS pretty competitively. I also play CSGO now but not as seriously. I play a bunch of rpgs like Dragon Age: Origins (DA2 sucked), skyrim, fallout 1,2,3, and dark souls to name a few off the top of my head. Anyway, hopefully I get through the trial period, I look forward to joining you guys. -Peace
  16. Jester


    Hey everyone! I was recently recruited for Clan OD. I play mostly Starcraft 2, and I am a masters league Terran player, you can add me Jester:1803. I also play a fair amount of Halo 4 and some other Xbox games, BlazinDragon is my ID on there. I hope to see you guys online. -gl hf
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