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Found 6 results

  1. Basics for Diablo 3 Recruiting 1. Play with the person and get to know them - active members that participate will grow the community 2. If they're regular players who come on at least once a week, tell them about the clan and ask if they're interested. 3. Don't force it on them. If they want to join they will join. If they aren't sure just yet, give them info and check back in a few days to see if they have given it thought. If they don't seem interested then don't keep poking away at them, they will contact us back if they change their mind. 4. Have them create a trial account (rem
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Ray(OD)

    The Special One

    *This story is pretty much fictional, but was based off several real events. "HAI! I'd like to join clan OD" I read in the channel Clan OD. Before I said "please join channel op sassy", Sassy herself snatched him away It was too late no matter what I wanted to say Out of boredom, I followed the two Sassy said "fk off, Ray", but I retorted "no, u" The sassinator quickly type .defs 1 through 8 The newbie said "aye, slow done mate" Like bish bash bosh, Julie gets things done He peppered her with questions, I thought to myself this is gonna
  4. Recruiting with Smite 101 Quality over Quantity 1. You are allowed to ask for the ability to recruit at the rank of Staff Sgt. If you have the desire to recruit before you've spent the 4 weeks required in OD Gaming, (which is the time you need to get to Staff Sgt. via the auto promotion system) you may request that your rank be set so you can be granted recruiter status. 1.a. Keep in mind that every request to be set ranked is still under the discretion of your division leader/general. 2. Whether you're voting on your recruit or someone else's, you
  5. With the influx of new members due to the recruiting contest and for those who dont understand what to do when it come to recruiting i thought i would go over a few things. 1.Once you hit Staff Sergeant you can asked for recruiting rights which will open up the recruitment console on the main website. 2.Whenever your recruiting or voting on a promotion your expected to give 3 reasons why.Put some thought into these reasons they are your peers after all and if they deserve recognition then tell us why. also giving the same 3 reasons and same lines for this doesn't really show personal ach
  6. In some ways OD is doing great as far as I have been able to tell since I’ve been back. In other ways we are struggling. We are not as large or active as we were in our prime. I don’t think it is necessary to the fault of our leaders and members. The gaming clan concept is different now due to clan and team features built into games. For example, SC2, D3, WoW, and ESO all have their own guild / clan system. Other games probably have it too but I don’t play them so I can’t state those things for sure. Back in the day these systems weren’t in place so it was much easier to recruit people who un
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