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Found 6 results

  1. Basics for Diablo 3 Recruiting 1. Play with the person and get to know them - active members that participate will grow the community 2. If they're regular players who come on at least once a week, tell them about the clan and ask if they're interested. 3. Don't force it on them. If they want to join they will join. If they aren't sure just yet, give them info and check back in a few days to see if they have given it thought. If they don't seem interested then don't keep poking away at them, they will contact us back if they change their mind. 4. Have them create a trial account (remember to use OD in it - e.g. MooMoo(OD) ) on our website, select Diablo 3 as their main game, and pick you as a recruiter. 5. Once approved (make sure to give valid reasons in your vote and *** add the in game account to the trial comments ***), invite them to the in-game clan and introduce them to the members online If there are any questions regarding recruiting or you need to be given permissions to recruit on the site, please read the following guides or contact either @Redvaine(OD) or @MooMoo(OD) Overdosed Guide to Everything Division Specific Rules https://www.overdosed.net/index.php?view=Rules You can join public games and recruit people that seem interested. The best thing you can do is provide information and hope that they want to hear more. ty @PJPotter(OD) for the template if you ever return 😄
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Ray(OD)

    The Special One

    *This story is pretty much fictional, but was based off several real events. "HAI! I'd like to join clan OD" I read in the channel Clan OD. Before I said "please join channel op sassy", Sassy herself snatched him away It was too late no matter what I wanted to say Out of boredom, I followed the two Sassy said "fk off, Ray", but I retorted "no, u" The sassinator quickly type .defs 1 through 8 The newbie said "aye, slow done mate" Like bish bash bosh, Julie gets things done He peppered her with questions, I thought to myself this is gonna be a lot of fun During the registration process on overdosed.net, he accidentally put me as his recruiter The irony of this was remarkable. I thought this should've happened sooner. Yeah...
  4. Recruiting with Smite 101 Quality over Quantity 1. You are allowed to ask for the ability to recruit at the rank of Staff Sgt. If you have the desire to recruit before you've spent the 4 weeks required in OD Gaming, (which is the time you need to get to Staff Sgt. via the auto promotion system) you may request that your rank be set so you can be granted recruiter status. 1.a. Keep in mind that every request to be set ranked is still under the discretion of your division leader/general. 2. Whether you're voting on your recruit or someone else's, you are expected to give 3 valid reasons why that member would be a good addition to our community/division. This is required so fellow members have a better understanding as to how that prospective member may be worth voting on. 2.a. Examples of reasons you may put on a trials vote are. 2.a.1. (Member) is GM(Good mannered) 2.a.2. (Member) is skilled at main game(smite) particularly with (insert god/game mode) 2.a.3. (Member) is incredibly active on (Teamspeak, Smite, forums) 3. The ODSmite division does not impose a required minimum skill level to join ODSmite. However, you have every right to negatively vote on a trial member that you feel does not fit the criteria we look for in a member. 3.a. Examples of reasons you might negatively vote on a trial member. 3.a.1. Member is extremely BM(Bad Mannered) 3.a.2. Member is incredibly bad at game and gets angry when offered advice. 4. All trial members have 14 days to get their needed votes to pass. If they do not receive all the needed votes they will fail their trial period and be removed automatically by the website. Trial members are also subjected to the 14 day DSL standard enlisted are held to. This means trial members can DSL out if they don't log in at least once in a two-week period. 5. If you are new to OD Gaming or have never recruited before, you can follow this guide and provided pictures to help you recruit. Or, you may ask any of the smite Officers/Division Leaders to guide you through the process. ** The Division leaders/Division general, reserves the right to "veto" a trial members application via neg voting and up to permanently blocking their current application or a re-submission for another trial period. ** Steps 1 & 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Final Step
  5. With the influx of new members due to the recruiting contest and for those who dont understand what to do when it come to recruiting i thought i would go over a few things. 1.Once you hit Staff Sergeant you can asked for recruiting rights which will open up the recruitment console on the main website. 2.Whenever your recruiting or voting on a promotion your expected to give 3 reasons why.Put some thought into these reasons they are your peers after all and if they deserve recognition then tell us why. also giving the same 3 reasons and same lines for this doesn't really show personal achievments or accomplishments does it. 3.As we are an actual division now even with the recruitment contest underway we still and always have prefered *Quality* over quantity. and if you feel a trial member isnt up to par then feel free to neg vote them and tell us why you feel they are not ready to join Clan Overdosed.Never be scared to voice your opinion. 4.when it comes to voting for trial members i want everyone to understand they have 7 days to get their votes and there is no reason to rush them through it.Personally i like to wait a few days to make sure they keep a low DSL.And try to remind them so they can get use to the DSL system as it can be very hard to get use to at first. i would like all of us to try and follow this guideline. 5.If you are new to the clan or have never recruited before and still need help learning to use this function please feel free to ask me or any of the active recruiters within our division for help.
  6. In some ways OD is doing great as far as I have been able to tell since I’ve been back. In other ways we are struggling. We are not as large or active as we were in our prime. I don’t think it is necessary to the fault of our leaders and members. The gaming clan concept is different now due to clan and team features built into games. For example, SC2, D3, WoW, and ESO all have their own guild / clan system. Other games probably have it too but I don’t play them so I can’t state those things for sure. Back in the day these systems weren’t in place so it was much easier to recruit people who understood the importance of DSL and would be more active on the clan site. Many people who weren’t around for that era of gaming clans don’t understand the need for logging into a website as a requirement for clan membership. I’ve also noticed that members are no longer disabled at 8 days DSL it seems to be closer to 2 weeks or something now. Understanding the reason why recruiting into the multi-gaming community of OD is more difficult, I believe, helps us to develop systems and strategies to move forward in more effective recruiting. I don’t have some elaborate plan to propose, I simply wanted to point out to those who may be frustrated with recruiting that these are the reasons why it is more difficult now. A couple tips that come to mind to help convert guild members to clan members (using ESO language here, it applies to all games too) might be to highlight that we have been a major multi-gaming community since 2001. Also explaining that the site is where we communicate division plans and vision and the forums are important for us to stay on the same page is helpful. One thing I noticed that the ESO division is doing that I think will be effective if we continue to do it intentionally is bringing guild members in without requiring OD membership right away. As these guild members make friends in the OD guild, hear us talking about the clan, hangout with us on TS, etc., they’ll be more cooperative to join the larger community of OD. A major role of our members in this case is to seek out the newer non-OD guild members and take the time to make friends with them and game with them. We will grow to our former glory through friendship. Lastly, I want to emphasize that this is by no means a critique on what we are doing now. In fact, we are already doing a lot of this; I just wanted to highlight the reasons why we are struggling in recruiting members that don’t get automatically disabled by DSL and to suggest a few ways that we can be more effective (and ways we currently are being effective) from here on out. Also, as I mentioned, this does not only apply to ESO. I just used that as an example. I believe it applies to all of our divisions. Let me know what you think. Give some insight. Throw out some ideas. Point something out that I’ve missed. - Panda(OD)
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