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Found 19 results

  1. PvP Rules Signup Format 1. @SuNSeT OD-Vuk Druid - Tornado 6-1 2. @WWIII(OD) OD-Wizard Sorc - Blizzy 5-3 3. @Shark(OD) OD-Sharky Pally / Smiter 2-1 4. @1nceWASeye(OD) OD-onceWASnato Druid / Windy 2-0 5. @Froggie420(OD) OD-Karen Pally - Auradin 0-3 6. @kudsavage(OD) OD-PK Necro - PnB 0-2 7. @snicker66(OD) OD-Badboi Druid - ? 0-2 8. @ScudBarb(OD) OD-ScudzDin pally - hdin 0-2 9. @Perv(OD) OD-XpervSquadX Barb / BvB 0-0 Current Challenge(s) Winner posts Results in THIS Thread (ie 3-2 rich>Sunset) YOU CANNOT CHALLENGE MORE THEN 3 SPOTS AHEAD ONLY CHALLENGE ONE PLAYER AT A TIME! PLAYERS CHALLENGED CANNOT CHALLENGE OTHER PLAYERS, UNTIL THEIR DUEL IS COMPLETED PLAYERS CANNOT BE CHALLENGED, IF THEY ARE IN A CHALLENGE CURRENTLY PLAYERS WHO ISSUED A CHALLENGE, CANNOT ACCEPT A CHALLENGE FROM SOMEONE ELSE 48hour dodge rule, no response/refusal to duel = auto loss (player who challenged cannot duel someone else) PM player your challenging as well as enter it in the thread so there is no confusion and I can update whos currently being challenged Example : Challenge @Rich(OD)(use @ to automatically notify members) @dubui(OD) @MooMoo(OD) @Membership(OD) @Rich(OD) @DBZ(OD) @snicker66(OD) @Purplez(OD) @PoPs(OD) @JR(OD) @Froggie420(OD) @ScudBarb(OD) @Smoken(OD)@kudsavage(OD) @WWIII(OD) Edited February 13 by SuNSeT
  2. WWIII(OD)

    OD BvB

    BattlePig and I, have begun to do some friendly bvb duels and are looking from more people to enter the fray! If you or someone you know has a barb, dump the frenzy and get your spin on! We currently have no intentions of holding any BvB tournaments or anything super crazy. Just looking to have more people get involved in the world of pvp and bvb action. If you are interested in some bvb action feel free to hit me up @WWIII(OD) via forums or bnet. I also have a pvp bone necro and will duel with ya with that as well!
  3. Deranged(OD)


    So as you know i just joined a couple days ago. Haven't had a chance to level up my Amazon i was going to make but I do know i want to make her a PvPer. Any advice on a Crossbow Amazon would be appreciated. What's today's meta with PvPing etc.. Just some insight
  4. In this thread I will be posting game name and passwords of dueling games currently active to seek out OD members to come and join in the fun, this will be on LADDER and NON-LADDER and will be specified. AS of right now, acc11////11 NON LADDER
  5. Drewg(OD)

    d2 pvp squad

    when are we going to duel vrs anything, when are we going to prac vrs each other lol hello?
  6. Drewg(OD)

    ido duels

    iso 1v1 fpk i have necro on lad, can use friends barb or sin i have everything on nL lmk
  7. Drewg(OD)

    Improve yourself.

    Yo, lookin for 1v1's 2v2's against clan members. come get mollywhopped and find your weaknesses and improve on them /w *Drewg(OD) or msg me on here
  8. Hey guys, took a small break from hosting during the holidays due to time constraints but I am back with a new PVP server for all to enjoy. Details are below. Pandemonium PVP | 4x XP | 3x Loot | Modded | Server Tools by RATS server manager. IP : Port : 41321 Zombie Difficulty is ramped up. This is not going to be an easy server. Already have a small player base of like minded people who enjoy survival and pvp. We have custom commands, vote rewards and personal teleports (up to 3 per player, 5 minute cooldown). Come check it out!
  9. Ray(OD)

    The General's Ear

    Lieutenant General Sassy wasn't a goose but she acted silly I held her ear hostage and she started to go crazy So, let me tell you about this story OD-Sassy was slain by OD-Kalitor Julie died quickly, her gold dropped to the floor It was a given that her ear would drop as well But it is only Sassy's fault that her sorceress fell Kalitor was holding on to her ear for quite a bit Julie was freaking out, I thought she was gonna throw a fit Eventually Kalitor leaves Sassy's ear in the Blood Moor I go and pick it up, wondering if I could push her some more Eventually, I give sassinator her own ear And yeah...
  10. Looking for duelios my nec vs your anything just message me on here or im on teamspeak almost every night
  11. DBZ(OD)


    Lets Make D2PVP Great Again! Wondering if anyone is interested learning or practicing PVP (1v1,2v2,3v3,or 4v4) Any classes & builds Trying to get D2 PVP back up and going. IF you are new to PVP we can help teach the different techniques. All members are welcome. Please post below if you are interested.
  12. Any hybrid builds out there that work off these two skills for pvp? Don't care for lightning fury in pvp. Would much rather use multi + guided at ranged and Charged strike at close melee because of synergy is this not achievable in an actual working fashion?
  13. - I wanna send the challenge to everyone at OD ! , since they kicked me out of the clan I want the chance to get back in ! anyone who isnt scared to fight lets go meet me at odpk !
  14. So the rules are gonna be similar with no use of the auction house enchants are no longer allowed with the exception of what the character you're playing on can do you must either get your gear from stormwind, quests, or your own crafting. you can only have one blue item equipped. else green white or grays. you must be level 16 with any greens you can find. it will be held friday the 28 @ 10 pm est any hostility will instantly void your win
  15. Level 16 pvp in goldshire all races acceptable all gear must be white you can transfer gold to but gear all gear must be from stormwind and of white quality not better i level must be 30 or below rounds will be at max 5 mins(most damage will win otherwise) no salt the winner gets 10k gold tonight at 10 est
  16. Hello everyone, for those of you who dont know me or arent familiar with me im Jack. PVP is pretty much the only thing i do on diablo 2. i have won 2 out of the 3 pvp tournaments i have participated in, in the clan. So i would like to offer some advice to help the newcommers or the people who are learning to pvp and want to get a little better. Many of you may already know the tricks but im positive there are people that dont. I've notice a lot of the guys who are new to pvp arent very familiar with some of the tactics and locking i see a lot of spray and pray type duelers. Which is ok sometimes you need to spam a little. But when its the basis of your tactics it becomes very easy for someone with a little more experience to easily overtake you. So i want to try and teach everyone the importance of aiming, Namelocks, Chainlocks. A namelock just like it sounds is clicking and holding someones name so you are constantly shooting at their direction. essentially locking into them. A chainlock is usually done with right click (can also be done with left click but less effectively in my opinion unless you are on a character who has to attack with left click such as paladins) On pretty much all my characters left click is only used for walking in town. the rest of the time im purely right click this will allow for easier transitions between teleport and attack and also make it so you dont have to hold down shift ever again to stand still as right click will not walk you. So in order to chainlock i will use the necromancer as an example. You would get a name lock on someone with bone spear or spirit using right click, once you have the name lock you want to drag your curser close to your feet quickly (this is going to help you chain) once you have done that without letting go of your namelock use a hotkey to switch to teleport. this will cause you to land directly on your opponent then you quickly hotkey back to your attack and reclick so you have a namelock again thus creating a chain you can use to keep landing on your opponent. This can also be done to perform tele stomps on people from off screen as long as you keep the locks. this video has a really good example of chainlocking its very short but it will further explain what i have told you. as you can see doing this rather than a spray and pray method allows you to control the duel. When you land directly on top of someone usually you are going to win that fight as they will be confused and probably FHR locked if you started attacking again quickly. With some practice namelocks and chainlocks will become second nature and you will do it without thinking about it. When i was starting out getting used to using right click only. I liked to practice it on baal when i was following baal runs because baal as we all know is a very big target and easy to lock and he loves to teleport off screen so this is a perfect opportunity for you to get a namelock and as soon as he teleports off screen you can now hotkey to teleport and land right ontop of him while everyone else has to try and find where he went. So chainlocks will help you control a fight, but there is a downside to it as well. It can be countered by "Up casting" up casting is when your opponent realizes that you have a namelock on him so he will teleport away and immediately start casting an attack upwards so when you land on him he will already be attacking where you land you see this in more experienced duelers its not something commonly seen in public duels because there is too much going on. you will see this a lot in Necro vs necro type battles. If anyone has any questions or wants clarification im always open to teach and even practice with you guys. you can message me on here or my diablo account is *Krugg. I look forward to dueling with you guys and hope this helps you out.
  17. This is extremely effective, and no one knows how to deal with it. First stats. 20 hammer 20 fist of heavens 1 smite 1 holyshield 1 conviction 1 blessed aim 1 fana 10 concentration 10 vigor This will total you ay around 1.8 smite, 5.5k foh, 7k hammer. Smite doesn't require skills to be powerful, just items. Now items. Grief pb 40/400 Coa ber/ber Maras Bk/soj/bk/bk/bk/raven/soj/soj (any combination) Trang glove Trek boots Arach Stg spirit 35% 80@ Enigma Cta, pally no spirit (random) Stats. 0 str 0 eng Enough dex for maxblock All in vitality. Inv, 9x pcomb, fhr/life scs, @red scs, or 20/11 scs. Should have 75% fcr, max block I think the 2nd highest fhr Bp, about 40dr. Another way is to use ik gloves dungo belt and 20% fcr amy. For max dr. I prefer the arach build because the amys are expensive. Hotkeys are a challenge but manageable, fana while smiting conc while hammering, convic while fohing, vigor while charging for desynch. Well let me know if you ever get the urge to build because pvp is extremely fun with this.
  18. I know that we tried to start a Terraria squad but due to not really having either enough people or just the lack of PvP structure in the game itself it can be hard, since Starbound is coming out a fresh new game that is suppose to have PvP I figured I would give this a shot. (Edit) So I am really excited for Starbound to come out, and if you don't know what Starbound is its like Terraria yet set in space with more depth like a personal story, a galaxy that holds infinite amounts of random generated planets that you can share coordinates with friends; you may also make one of these planets a home planet with complete control over everything on the planet. Everything on the planet is randomly generated from background, gravity, creatures(Over a million possibilities), size, and who inhabits the area; the weapons in the game are also all random with different mods to each(guns and melee, plus shield blocking(not in Terraria)). Some/ maybe all the npcs that you encounter on your journey may be brought back to your home planet. The PvE is suppose to be pretty good also for anyone who loves building and/or exploration. Just a little taste of whats to come. Any-who the game is suppose to have PVP, not much is known about it such as game types or anything all we know atm is that there is PVP. To think about it not much has been spoiled about the game, Chucklefish is very secretive. Back to the topic, I was wondering if anyone has any interest in the game I know NavyDragons and I will be playing once it comes out and I thought it would be cool to get the clan involved and if the PVP is any good we could really get into it. Also I thought having an OD Planet would be quite cool somewhere we could build a base and do what we want. That's what I have to say about that. Captain Plano out!
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