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Found 7 results

  1. So end of ladder is nearing, and it made me ask a few folks in game what they planned on doing at the end of ladder. The answer was kinda crazy to me as the FG meiser I try to be. All of you guys who dump in random pub games and delete your characters need to talk to me! What I am going to attempt to do is as follows. Condense all gear into mules with the sole goal of SELLING IT ALL on jsp (granted I will be taking some nl items for myself) What I intend to do with 75% of the proceeds is to directly put them back into the guild (via pops) To keep FG in circulation to top runners for prizes and rewards for contests or tournaments and what have you. the remaining 25% I will keep to also have an event or two and yes selfishly line my own pockets for some of the time such a massive under taking will inevitably take. Anyone who is considering to dump or delete please don't contact me in forums or in game and when season ends we will work together to make the guild wealthy as we can and ensuring a solid base for Clan OD in the future. You can also post in this thread if you would like to participate in this after the season ends. Thanks.
  2. Pretty much ever since I've been a WO1, I would occasionally go on a "promo spree" (I pick my promotions wisely). Sometimes, when I want to put certain individuals up for promotion, I don't see their name in the drop down list. Does this mean they're already on the promotion list or is it something else?
  3. Seen lots of entries Gotta hire some sentries Who's gonna win this? When you write a poem it's hit or miss if you don't win don't think I'm takin' the piss Missed like Cain in Trist haters with clenched fists increased circulation in the wrists Their blood's boiling, their plots I'm foiling, my HoTo's recoiling Spit poison like Unravelevers and Claw Vipers are still coiling I skinned those vipers and made a Skin of the Vipermagi I kill council members so fast you'd think I was using The Cat's Eye Nah son I main sorcs slap infinity on my merc so he puts in the work Eat burning souls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a fork My fork being chain lightning it's rather frightening no need for Tgod's Teleport in rushes so fast people ask me if I'm using maphack mods And I say hell no Clan Overdosed is 100% legit don't ya know bro? Countless terrible drops off the countess it's ridiculous all her drops low Found so many goddamn shaels how bout drop me a goddamn Lo Can't find more prizes Seen several great entries Still undecided
  4. Ray(OD)

    The Special One

    *This story is pretty much fictional, but was based off several real events. "HAI! I'd like to join clan OD" I read in the channel Clan OD. Before I said "please join channel op sassy", Sassy herself snatched him away It was too late no matter what I wanted to say Out of boredom, I followed the two Sassy said "fk off, Ray", but I retorted "no, u" The sassinator quickly type .defs 1 through 8 The newbie said "aye, slow done mate" Like bish bash bosh, Julie gets things done He peppered her with questions, I thought to myself this is gonna be a lot of fun During the registration process on overdosed.net, he accidentally put me as his recruiter The irony of this was remarkable. I thought this should've happened sooner. Yeah...
  5. Sooooo I've been thinking about creating a classic rusher sorceress when the ladder resets... I've been looking up builds and guides but a lot of 'em are like "oh you can do x and y, or do x and a, or y and b, or b and a or idk really tired right now should go to bed so yeah what should I max and what kinda gear should I be lookin out for *yawn*?
  6. Our current trial members/recently enlisted members of the ODD2 division (the good and active ones of course). No matter the time, no matter the day, I always see a little pack of you on teamspeak, and I also hear you helping each other out, announcing runs, rushes, even giving out gear. You guys are doing an amazing job, and it is unfortunately out of my reach to put you guys up for promotion right now.
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