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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone! So as some of you might be aware Minecraft Dungeons is coming out on May 26th. This game is basically Diablo 3 mixed with Minecraft and you can find out more information at https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/about-dungeons/. I am currently testing the water to see what type of interest exists within OD for this game in order to support the game within the Minecraft Division. Please let me know if you have any interest in the game either here or in the new Minecraft Dungeons channel within the Minecraft Division section on Discord. -Saline Note: If you have Microsoft Game Pass you will already own the game once it releases!
  2. Hello everyone! The Minecraft squad now has a Vanilla Minecraft server on Java Version 1.15.2 and will remain up to date. The server is located on VMinecraft.Overdosed.net and has a maximum player count of 10 at the moment. We will be running this server in conjunction with our modded server. Stop by our Discord channel and ask any questions! -SalinePandora Minecraft Squad Leader
  3. Hello everyone. As I mentioned in my introduction post, I want to resurrect the Minecraft squad from the dead. Currently I am running my own personal server through Apex Hosting with enough ram (10GB) for a few people. I am also running a custom mod pack which includes both tech mods like IC2/Buildcraft and magic mods like Thaumcraft/Abyssalcraft. Additionally, I can help people install through forge loader with twitch through Discord screen view. Additionally, we can make a new mod pack for the mods that people want. Hit me up on discord, I’m SalinePandora(OD), or respond to this post if you are interested.
  4. 1. I want to find out if Minecraft is still an active squad. 2. If yes, what servers are currently running 2b. A guess to how many people are playing each. 3. If no, who might be interested in playing/hosting? 3b. I am willing to host, but don't have the strongest of PCs and may need assistance from a tech-savvy OD.
  5. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-31869589 Gamers are being targeted by a computer virus that stops them playing their favourite titles unless they pay a ransom. On infected machines, the malicious program seeks out saved games and other files and encrypts them. A key to unlock encrypted files is only supplied if victims pay at least $500 (£340) in Bitcoins. The malware targets 40 separate games including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Minecraft and World of Tanks. The malicious program looks similar to the much more widely distributed Cryptolocker ransomware that has caught out thousands of people over the last couple of years. But analysis of the malware, called Teslacrypt, reveals that it shares no code with Cryptolocker and appears to be have been created by a different cybercrime group. Researcher Vadim Kotov from security firm Bromium said the file was catching people out via a website its creators had managed to compromise. The site involved is a Wordpress blog that is inadvertently hosting a file that abuses a loophole in Flash to infect visitors. One a machine is infected, wrote Mr Kotov, the malware looks for 185 different file extensions. In particular, it seeks out files associated with many popular video games and online services such as Steam that give people access to them. "Interestingly, although these are all popular games, none of them matches any particular 'Top Sellers' or 'Most Played' chart, " said Mr Kotov. "They could just be games the developer loves to play." Files holding gamers' profiles, maps, saves and modified versions of games are all sought by Teslacrypt, he said. He said anyone who tries to outwit the malware by uninstalling a game they obtained via an online service may end up disappointed. "Often it's not possible to restore this kind of data even after re-installing a game via Steam," he wrote. Once target files are encrypted the malware pops up a window telling victims they have a few days to pay up and retrieve their data. To decrypt, victims can either pay $500 in Bitcoins or $1,000 in Paypal My Cash payment cards. The virus tells victims to send payment details to an address located on the Tor anonymous browsing network. The encryption system used by Teslacrypt has yet to be cracked meaning victims would have to turn to back-ups to restore scrambled files.
  6. UPDATE: The server is no longer attached to a Domain. If you would like to still play, Here is the new information: IP: Also, the server is still 1.7.2. It will NOT update until Minecraft gets more stable. If you have any questions regarding the server, please feel free to ask.
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