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Found 53 results

  1. Hello, my name is SalinePandora(OD). I am a close friend of Xayj(OD), who also recruited me to OD. I am an avid player of Halo, Minecraft, Civ 5, and Stardew Valley.Recently, I got back into competitive multiplayer games after a long hiatus. Additionally, I have recently found myself wanting to make new friends and to game with new people. I have already met some really cool and interesting people within the OD community and can't wait to meet more of you. Additionally, it is a personal goal of mine to restore the Minecraft squad. I already have a personal modded Minecraft server set up and would be glad to bring people into the fold with that. In the future I would want to merge this server into a larger community server. I have attached a image with a Greek temple I am currently building, the terraforming is going great. Anyways, I am looking forward to meeting and gaming with you all! 😀
  2. Already made my intro in my other post before I got re-enabled, but I'm back again. Someone asked so I'll let it out - main other (OD) alias was Rucket(OD) when I was younger. Glad to be back! I'll pop around Discord and try to be active on forums, but I'm focused on work at this stage in my life so I won't be super active in any particular division most likely, but here's the games I play in order of how often: Rocket League - my "main," competitively When I'm tilted from Rocket League, here's what I play instead: Overwatch - Don't know why Starcraft 2 - haven't played since it had no expansions, started playing like 2 days ago, i suck CS:GO - because ODCS Also come back to these once in a while: D3 - not right now but every couple seasons or so I try to push D3 HCL WoW - might play again in the next xpac casually but idk Modded Minecraft - FTB Server anyone?
  3. Hey ya'll! I'm Ava. An old high school buddy of mine recommended you lot as a sensible group of cool folks to game with. In addition to playing games, I also code them and write music. Currently messing around with Black Desert Online (Zephyrsong family) and a bunch of VR stuff! 🖖🏾
  4. hello, my name Jad, I'm 21 years old, I'm a friendly trustworthy person that loves music and play games, I'm also a musician, I currently play 5 instruments: guitar/ bass guitar/ ukulele/ drums/ tin whistle. I'm still new to the tin whistle, I only know few basic beats for the drums, but if you need help or tips for the other 3 I'd gladly help you :3.
  5. Hi, I am longlife(OD), thanks to my recruiter @MineNotYour(OD)! I am not familiar to this forum, so I really find that I can post a topic until now. First of all, I want to apologize, I may have raised some stupid questions on the OD CLAN channel of D2X BN. Because I am not a native English speaker, yes, English is my second language, I really don't know "anni", "script" or the name of some gear in English. I used to play D2 games in my native language a few years ago. Yes, there are many D2 language versions in the world. So this is my first time playing the English version of the D2 game. If I make any mistakes in the future, please bear with me. I am working hard to learn the special English of D2 since I entered D2 BN.. I may have some knowledge of D2, such as how to find magic, how to rush, how to craft items, how to make rune words, how to build a character with skills and gears, but I am not sure about the phrase or short-term initialism of D2. I will learn it. And the most important is : I wish I can help OD clan and the members. Please feel free to call me if you need some help like rush\quest\wps\ or something others. What made me join OD CLAN? The rules of OD CLAN. I am a completely original game fan, I don't want to play D2 with a third program like bot/hacker map or other illegal stuff. This is one the key reasons that I want to join OD clan. I believe the other most important reason is the great members of OD CLAN. Pure game, pure player. Thank your patient and help! I can speak\listen\write\read English, but not as good as my mother tongue. Good luck and Best wishes~
  6. Hello everyone!! I just started my trial membership and so far i like OD, everyone is helpful thus far and kind, my name is Otonashi and i enjoy playing D2. Just recently i got back into it and a friend told me about a this group called OD so yesterday i think i came by to check it out and that is when i joined. I hope i posted this in the right place, so sorry if i did not. Anyways i am glad to be here on D2 with everyone, would like to meet more of you guys, i know Ray(OD) a little now, i think he recruited me but i don't know to many other people. Also i really like to talk with people or i should say "type" since i cannot talk because my vocal cords were damaged a long time ago or i would be on teamsoeak getting to know all of you much better, kind of makes me feel like i won't last long in a clan this big since i can't talk. If there is anything i can do for you guy's let me know. Much Love ~ Otonashi :)
  7. Hello everybody, My name is Ryan and I just started getting back into Diablo 2 a little over 3 weeks ago after taking a 7 year break. I've been playing this game on and off for roughly 16 years now, and I always find myself coming back for more. So far the people I've met in this clan seem to be extremely nice, very well mannered and a pleasure to game with. I'm very excited for the opportunity to be a member of this clan, especially since I've lost all the people I use to play with, looking forward to making some cool friends. I love to partake in runs, MF, and duel (once I get my toons nice and geared up). I also enjoy helping others out with anything they might need (items/quest/rushing). So feel free to hit me up for whatever you may need, I'm very nice and enjoy meeting new people. Thank you, very much.
  8. Hi Everyone, I joined OD back in January in Diablo 3, and have procrastinated about signing up for the forums. First off I want to thank everyone for a great gaming experience and community. OD is easily the best group of people I've ever gamed with. I've played mostly D3 since joining, but the last few weeks I've been getting back into World of Warcraft and would love to hear more about how OD does WoW. A little bit about me... I live in upstate New York, work full time, and am doing grad school. In addition to gaming I'm into SciFi/Fantasy books, movies, and comics and I'm a huge cartophile - I love everything geography, map, atlas, globe related, etc. Looking forward to gaming with you all, Jester2714 P.S., Yes, Raged... I know I need to get Discord 😉
  9. Among the maxims on Lord Naoshige's wall, there was this one: "Matters of great concern should be treated lightly." Master Ittei commented, "Matters of small concern should be treated seriously." My gaming is of great import or no import, never sure. Anyway pleased to meet you, thanks for the invite.
  10. Hello OD Community! I had read about OD recruiting on the blizzard forums and decided to reach out to Raged(OD) about the community. I am very impressed and look forward to meeting you on diablo3! Thanks, Gordo aka Ernrage(OD)
  11. Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm cool with any name you guys call me, but I guess Kealax is the way to go. I usually play Diablo 3 and sometimes Overwatch, so if you want to play a game or something, just hit me up. So, yeah, pleased to meet all of you. I hope I can get to know you guys better soon.
  12. Hello folks. Been a while since I did any co-op gaming, and have never belonged to a large multi-game clan before, just some informal teams. Last PC game I played much before this was the Borderlands series, and more recently I have been checking out VR gaming. I also did some modding for BF1942 and BF2 back in the day. I am mainly playing Diablo III right now, and I am pretty n00by, but hopefully you all can set me on the right path.
  13. Hi everyone! Just registered today, looking forward to grouping up in Diablo 3 sometimes. Seasonal, regular, SC / HC. I enjoy it all! I hope everyone is having a great day :)
  14. Hey guys, my name is Saulo, for y'all Taylon is just fine. In the moment playing D2 and Im verry happy to be part of Clan OD. Playing any kind of game with mates is way more fun; I'm going to pretty up my proflle latter, I'm about to hit the road. By the way I am from Brazil... See ya
  15. Hey guys I'm Paul, 27, from Arizona. Currently living in Japan, looking forward to grinding some rifts with you all! Cheers
  16. Hi Gents and Ladies, I've recently joined OD and felt I should introduce myself - I'm a 29-year-old Dane currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark. My day job is in IT where I work as a technical team lead doing project in a maritime company. I'm into anything with a good story and emphasize enjoying myself above anything else. Mostly that means litterature, tv shows, films or games accompanied by lots of coffee, red wine and cigarettes :) I've been playing D2LOD for about 2 weeks now, not counting the years spent in my younger days when the game was still new. Other than D2LOD, I've played WoW, SWTOR, Rift, ESO, D1, D3, Starcraft 1, AoE and lots of Total War games. Probably some other stuff too, but those I think are the ones I spent most hours playing. This is my first membership with OD gaming, in fact the first time I actually noted the clan/guild properly was in D2, however, I did spot you in ESO and SWTOR too :) //Matt
  17. Hello to all my new found clan mates. im just picking up d2 again after years and mass disipointment with D3. Found that there was still active clan on d2 and boom i joined up. always willing to lend a hand as much as i can
  18. Hello! I'm Rachael, 22, Female, New York. Not really sure what I should say on this. . . I play Diablo 3 in Overdosed, and I play Starcraft Legacy Of The Void as well. Not nearly as good at Starcraft, but I enjoy it, and have a pretty great coach. When I'm not on a Blizzard game, I also frequent my Steam account with Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together, Origin with Sim City, or my Xbox 1 with Gears of War 4. Otherwise, I'm a model in my every day time, disabled from work with Multiple Sclerosis, and have the most adorable one year old daughter. Feel free to chat or game with me on any of the above. Also, if you'd like to check out any of my modeling, my instagram is @rmorningstar19 I'm pretty socially awkward, but I'm sure I'd love to get to know you all. I also have a pretty brutally sarcastic sense of humor, so please don't take anything too seriously c: -rmorningstar
  19. Hello everyone. I've met a few of you on Diablo 2 already and hope to get to know more in the future. I have been off D2 for ~7 years now but I got tired of all the "modern" games and am back for the game I will never stop enjoying. I will be playing some Diablo 3 when necromancer is released most likely so maybe I'll see more of you there too. My main character is OD-Unsure, summoner/corpse explosion necromancer. Some of you have already helped me a lot in the game and it is very much appreciated. I do hope to return the favor when I can. Anyway, I'm pretty chill most of the time and if you ever need an xfer just send me a message :) That's all for now. Have a good one.
  20. RECRUITER: Sassy(OD) DATE: June 9th 2017 RANK: Trial SPECIES: Rishishka (www.angelfire.com/rpg2/arison/species/rishishka.html) JOB: Writer (Yes working on a book, see website!) NAME: Allester E. Darkflame AGE: Divine INFORMATION: A crazy vulpine in delicious lemony scenting. Insane. Eccentric. But fun loving and snuggly for all the ladies. As a writer though, most of my time goes in to working on stories stuck in my brain and not going much further, but I've spent several years working on one project that has gone over very well so far, as the above link in my species can show you... yes, make fun of me for still using Angelfire, but it's FREE DANG IT!! Freeeee heheheheheheh!
  21. Greetings! I'm Samu (pronounced just as Shamu would, but without the "h" ), a corgi-loving, skateboarding, programmer from beautiful Nepal. Now before I introduce myself I'd like to start off by saying... wow! This community, with the little time I've spent here, already seems so friendly and amazing! Thanks so much to Raged(OD) for introducing me to the family! Now I'm not the greatest with self-introductions (makes me feel egocentric), but I'll give it my best shot. On the gaming side, I'm a huge MOBA (SMITE and LoL) and FPS (Quake, Unreal Tournament, CS:GO, TF2, Dirty Bomb, and Overwatch) gamer, but I also secretly enjoy board games like D&D and Pathfinder. I find that the social interaction and collaboration behind such games are really what draw me towards them. Yet on a more personal level, I'm a middle school student by day and a self-entitled Full Stack Web Developer / One-Man Indie Game Studio / Graphics Artist by night. I've loved public speaking and teaching others (I know, I'm lucky when it comes to book reports) ever since I was a wee little lad and have since attempted to make a YouTube channel at the ripe old age of 8, in which I would teach others about web design. I also have the most amazing Corgi named Shorty and am huge street skater! Thanks so much for sticking with me to the end! I'm so grateful I was presented with the opportunity to be a part of such a jaw-dropping group of like-minded people and can't wait till I get past my trial period (just 3 more votes!). Catch you later! - Sammriddha (Samu) Shrestha Feel free to add me on: Battle.net: SCRIE#11575 LoL: SamOfTheScholars (Sorry, my 9 year old self couldn't think of any better! ) Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SCRIE/ Instagram:@_scrie_
  22. My name is Chunky I guess. Normally I go by Bound, Or Potato. Potato is rare though. Anything past this point is gonna be more like an about me section than a simple introduction. If you dont want to read. its not necessary. I just like to put things out in the open. It works better for everyone. HAVE A GREAT DAY I like chess. Video games. All kinds, all genres. I like to cook and eat. I game 90% of the time I'm awake. and sleep the other 20% of the time. At no point, am I ever Fully awake. Im like half awake. And its kinda nice. I own a cat. And he is the coolest cat in the world. Been hit by at least 2 cars, and just walked it off. Chocolate milk is delicious, and I would choose it as my drink of choice if it were the only thing I were allowed to only drink one drink for the rest of my life. I'm a half people person. People... persons, are great. People in Masses are dumb. Mob mentality is strong throughout humanity. If I'm on my computer, I have music playing. Even if I'm on skype. Or ventrilo. While I play games, while I watch movies. Music is what keeps me from going Vlad the Impaler on the people around me. I get along with dudes but most of my friends are female. Due to my disagreement with the way the male gender as a whole treats women. I'm not saying all guys are bad. But you make it really hard to trust you guys. I'm not keen on messing with grammar and spelling. My apologies. I say sorry a lot. My musical interests vary from day to day. Ranging from Classical, to Traditional pop, Rock, Pop, hip hop, Do wop, Rap, Alternative, metal, and various other collections of well known music. Typically it has to be in english since The only other language I know is german. And I cant understand it well enough to follow music to. I like to ask and answer questions. People fascinate me. Knowledge is what I live for. And If you have fun facts to tell me. I would love to hear them. Along with want to know a lot. I like to blurt out things, that I feel people should know. I don't try it, it just kinda happens. And If i appear rude. Or if you think I'm looking down on you or trying to make you feel dumb. This is not my goal at all. Deep inside I want people to know things. As much I want to know things. And if at any time I go to far. PLEASE let me know. Honesty is huge. I like to tell the truth, and I like to hear the truth. The people I've met most recently are cool and calm and thats the reason I decided to join. Talk to people who are chill, no anger and aggression just playful taunts towards their fellow clansmen. If anyone bothered to read this far, You must have the patients of a saint, and I applaud you.
  23. So I just spent about the past month in Clan OD trying my best to be active and participate in community events, all the while wondering how the hell I was supposed to post on the forums, and just now I figured out I had to make another account just for the forums, and I feel like an idiot lol. So this will be my introduction, I'm sure a few of you already know me (I hope) My name is Ryan and I love to play Diablo 2, League of Legends, CS:GO and World of Warcraft. If any fellow OD Members also play these games and would like to play with me please let me know I'm glad to be apart of the community and hopefully find some nice people who share my joy of playing games legitimately. League of Legends rank : Last season was plat, currently only Gold V, don't really play much ranked. CS:GO rank : Legendary Eagle Master Battlenet Tag : Indefinitum#1943 Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Indefinitum/ League of Legends : Unbound Advocate Feel free to add me, but please include a message with who you are ( Example(OD) ) as I usually will decline random friend requests from people I don't know! Thanks!
  24. Hello All! I am Xwarchiefer(OD) or Kyle. I have been in the Clan for about 10 days and have met quite a few awesome people here. I main D2 but also play LoL prob about just as much and look forward to playing with both groups of people. I am almost always in the TS3 chat so hit me up if you want to know anything or just game with me.
  25. Hey guys i'm new to being in a real clan on Diablo 2 before this it was just me and my friends. i've been playing Diablo 2 on and off sense it first came out. My friends all called me Arzts in diablo 2 but my name is Abel i'm 22 years old and have allot of time to do what i want so expect to see me on diablo 2 often. If anyone needs anything from me just ask and i'll help out anyway i can happy to help. Thank you all for the chance to be in a clan
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