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Found 10 results

  1. Hey folks! Thanks for the hospitality and to Ray for the invite. Played d2 for years and just downloaded again recently. Had all the works when i initially retired, but happy to see the bots seem to be gone to bring a little challenge back. I play dota 2 as well primarily, and have diablo 3 but that just didn’t take for me the same way d2 seems to do. Happy to be here - and if you read this ray, i must have mistaken the channel name we were in (od sassy?) so that’s why i never got back there. New hero name is OD-SEChammers. Thanks and i look forward to the grind!
  2. I am new to the clan and just wanted to say hi. I predominately play D3, but sometimes dabble in the other blizzard games. I am glad to be here and am looking forward to meeting all of you :)
  3. Hey everyone, my name is mrxinu but we’ve decided “X” makes sense given that mrxinu (that’s pronounced “mister Z-new” if you were curious) is a bit of a mouthful. I’m a programmer, doggy daddy, husband, and resident of the Pacific Northwest. I live in Vancouver (not British Columbia) and Washington (not DC). It’s 15 minutes directly north of Portland, OR if that gives you a better idea. I’m originally from southern California where you can get all your daily minerals and vitamins in one breath. My asthma hasn’t been an issue since I moved in 2001. I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I enjoy playing Diablo 3, getting tattoos, writing code, learning things, and most importantly helping other people. There’s nothing I enjoy more than taking something that was hard for me to learn and breaking it down so it can be understood without tears. Okay, maybe there are few tears, but we’ll cry them together and at the end of it you’ll know more than you did before. And I will, too. Funny how much you can learn about something by trying to explain it to someone. I’m married to the most amazing woman in the world. We met (again - apparently we knew each other way back when LiveJournal was a thing) when she was going through chemo and is in remission now. She’s my cheerleader e’ry day and while she doesn’t do much gaming herself she lets me prattle on about it all the time. Especially about the cool OD folks I’ve met since joining. That’s all I can come up with at the moment. I’m on the discord server when I’m gaming so drop in and say hello. I’ll likely be playing heavily on the weekends and then sporadically during the week. I work from home and have a pretty flexible schedule so I can move things around if someone has a particular need.
  4. MrRey


    Hello all, im not much for huge intros, mainly joined to game with new people. Have a large collection of games, also a PS4. Currently gaming hard at Star Citizen Elite Dangerous LoL Payday 2 Starcraft 2 Some other games I play currently are Stellaris Endless Legend Dota 2 - Just came back so mega rust supreme Total War: Warhammer 1 and 2 but essentially the entire Total War series. Did I say I like strategy and space games? oh yea strategy, space and FPS are pretty much my top 3. Born a gamer, so just tell me what it is and lets do it!
  5. Hi I am TXcold(OD) and new to this great clan. I happened to come home sick from work today and found a recruiting game. I have been grushed and starting to level. If you can't guess-I live in the Great State of Texas and survived Hurricane Harvey. We were very lucky compared to a lot of other people. I will play as much as possible, my son got me started years ago and I have not stopped. If I can help I will do what I can....I'm old and slow but helpful. Hope to meet many more new friends and grow some more. Thanks for the invite...been looking for a new clan since my old one went away with non players anymore. My name is Steve.
  6. Hi Clan! I'm John, I just recently joined OD and am looking forward to being a part of an active gaming community. I'm a dedicated pc gamer, i'm into cars and motorcycles and have just recently returned to Diablo 2. I played from Day 1 of the original but have not played for about 10 years so its nice to be back and see people still into it as Diablo 3 kinda sucks!. Anyways I look forward to seeing you all in game at some point.
  7. Yo everyone, real names Anthony but alias in games is Tayne/JodyHighroller. Just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for giving me a shot at joining Overdosed, special shout out to DeathBy(OD) for recruiting me in and taking time to show me the ropes. I just turned 24 and im easy going, looking to help out whoever and just jam out some games with people. Mostly going to be playing D2 but I have the other Blizzard games so give me a shout if you wana group up. Been playing D2 off and on since I was like 12, and have a lot of characters on WoW, just got kinda bored with it but im sure I'll end up getting the new expansion. Looking forward to the Overdosed experience and hope to meet up with some of you in game. Account in D2 is Tayne(OD).
  8. Hello OD Thank you for the clan, its been a while since I had a good online social group for gaming. (Never really had one for Diablo-II but I think I leeched a few baal runs from a hammerdin of this clan.) I was introduced by primexgt(OD), hes my roommate. It was finally scallywag or ylem who actually helped me setup the account and voted me in. Big thanks guys! Currently Staff-Sergeant and have only met a few of the members in game. I have been mainly concentrating on Diablo-III but i would like to get into Starcraft-II if anyone is willing to show me the ropes. When it comes out I want to play FFXIV-A-Realm-Reborn. Im in the beta test atm. My personal profile is really simple: 26 year old male Live right outside Philly Live with brother-in-law and a good friend Really lazy Don't like the sun (not emo enough to be a vampire so no worries...) Wish i was a zombie (zombie maniac) As for Media >>> Watch lots of anime, Read manga and kindle books, TV and Movies Beer! Well thank you all for reading this long into and thank you again for the invite to clan.


    Hello, my name is walter. i live in Iowa. i like to play D2, LOL, DOTA2. i all so have S2 and D3. i most likely be on monday and saterday past 7 pm because i table top game as well.
  10. Hey everybody, My name's Doug, but you can call me Geko I'm Mr.Roger's little brother recruited for the Path of Exile potential division. I play Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Path of Exile, League of Legends (Fairly new) and Team Fortress on occasion. I'm not too into console gaming, which is why I'm joining the clan, to PC game with people who actually know how to game. I'm not about the high scores, or the lone wolf suicide missions, I'm more of a team based player trying to win. I never give up a match, even if I'm going to lose. I'd love to game more seriously but while balancing school and friends, I'm left with only a few hours each day, which is why I want to make the most of them. That about sums up my gaming habits.
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