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Found 2 results

  1. Level 16 pvp in goldshire all races acceptable all gear must be white you can transfer gold to but gear all gear must be from stormwind and of white quality not better i level must be 30 or below rounds will be at max 5 mins(most damage will win otherwise) no salt the winner gets 10k gold tonight at 10 est
  2. So we all like to play something that can reflect our personalities, and some people think that when you play jedi you have to be all good all the time or if you play as sith you have to be evil all time. Those days are over, now you can even be good sith that helps people, why would you chose being sith then, well for me it is very simple, I get nice red lightsaber and i like red color so it suits me fine. This game gives you ability to chose and I think the best games are when you get to chose what are you going to do to affect your name in world... If you decide you want to be bad there are certain side effects tho you became really really ugly , but after doing some research on my own I found that you can disable being ugly in your options. So if you chose to be evil nothing can't really stop you, even tho I do like being good most of time. I think we can make divison out of this game, because it is very similar to Aion. My message to all of you dear clan members is to try the game out maybe you will like it. So tell us what do you prefer. Are you more fan of being on Rebuplic or Empire side? Do you want to be good or bad person (in game)? And most importantly why?
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